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Fist wish Asura:Use violence to fight violence, violence will sublimate to the military/no faith of the military is just violence

“Put your hope in the fist of the fighter.” In 2019, in the midst of the pandemic, I came across this animated Netflix movie, “Wish Asura,” which has such a hard-blooded theme. I was so fascinated by this animation that I paid the price of staying up late into the night and being late for work the next day. The last time this happened was on Death Note, but it’s the only fight genre.The world view and plot of “Asura” are very simple and rough. Where there are people, there are fights, especially in business. So what will people use to settle disputes over interests? The answer is violence. In order to avoid the loss of national power caused by the massive infighting among the super companies, Japan created the “inner fighting circle,” which cannot be illuminated by the legal light of the world. Companies such as Rendell and Maidangdang send their own “fighters” to participate in the “Boxing Wish competition” to seize market share in a “peaceful” way such as “proxy war”.

Such a setting seems fanciful, but in my opinion is the epitome of reality, that is, the Olympic Games. Of course, the original intention of the Olympics was to use sport as a call for peace instead of war. But the Olympics have evolved into the current national training system, and the Olympic period is a time of heightened national emotion. No one will believe you when you say the Olympics are not political at all.

And “Asura” is also the hero Wang Ma’s nickname. Asura comes from Buddhist mythology and means “not heaven”. Asura is a good way, but it is hard to achieve good results because it is so brave and ruthless and hates so much. Therefore, the cruel battlefield is also called “Shure field”. Asura has also become a popular material in the field of anime because of its positive and evil Settings.

Wang horse “begged” people set, obviously can see is a tribute to the classic boxing comic book “tomorrow’s Zhang” hero Yambol hang. In particular, at the end of the first “Boxing Wish Asura”, Wang Ma lost to Kuroki and failed to win the championship. He himself died of heart failure after overloading his pre-borrowed skills for too long. The storyboard, the white picture and the posture of this scene are exactly the same as the plot of the death of Yaqui in his beloved boxing ring. “Not in an incomplete way, but in a flash, with nothing but white ash.”

Apart from the male master, the rest of the fighters also have their own personality charm. Working in “Mickey Mouse” as a bad boy but to protect the children’s dream root Jin, in order to protect the hometown of the sea fisherman Jilt, the only weak identity of the challenge of gold field, and dead fish eyes plus face paralyzed face of Thailand fighting God Ago Au Lang And I got into boxing and May Thai because I loved Golan.

However, when it comes to the second part, “The Fist May Ommiad,” it’s a long story. The first is the confusion over the positioning of the protagonist. The original hero, Wang Ma, died at the end of the first film, and the sequel, Omiya, naturally confirms the new hero, Hiker, at the beginning.

However, as the plot progresses, the King Horse are resurrected, causing confusion among the audience. Not to say that there can’t be a double male master, is a double male master, generally will take differential measures. To name a few For example, the famous migrant worker ramen “Homage”, belongs to the typical double male master setting, but Naruto two personality contrast is obvious, take is “brainless and unhappy” line.

Look at the “JOJO’s Wonderful Adventures” series; it is worth learning from, from the first “Phantom Blood” to the second “Battle Tide”, directly using the big Joe death, two Joe to take over the way. By the third film, “Stardust Fighters”, two three Joe frame. Araki skillfully weakened the second Joe through the double setting, focusing on the third Joe.

Another example that has to be mentioned in comic book history is the Dragon Ball. The plot moves on to the Game of Saur, where Gout dies trying to stop Saur from exploding.

Gout reached the first super level by surpassing Gout and Veneto’s talents, and ordered the killing of Share at Gout’s encouragement. During this period, Akira Koriyama wanted to support Write as the main character, but Waking was too popular. So much so that he had to be resurrected later in Buoy. And poor Woman, can only suffer the fate of marginalization. Wuhan eventually wears glasses and becomes a scholar, losing many opportunities to compete with Waking.

There are many ways to deal with protagonist positioning. Either Narusakian duos, or outright replacement, or weakening or marginalizing one of them However, Omiya was stuck in a very awkward position, holding both the king horse and me. And outside of them, there are their respective objects. Wang horse to mark the moment, light I to mark the dragon ghost. I’ve just created two leading teams. And these two teams also exist homogeneity, that is, “a man inspirational brother and two men neurotic” routine.

The title of the first is “Fist Wish Asura”, and Asura clearly refers to the king horse and is short and to the point. The title of the second is “Fist May Micah,” which is the 24th and final letter of the Greek alphabet, representing the end. The dragon Ghost was once called “Son of Micah” by Naiad. Therefore, the hero should be the dragon ghost, while the cartoon is more focused on the depiction of the king, the horse and the light. See, no one knows exactly what Micah is anymore, the old Riddle.

The most criticized reason for the second installment was the breakdown of the combat force system. In the early days of the comic, it basically takes a realistic approach, and you can see many martial arts that exist in the real world: boxing, May Thai, wrestling, Burmese boxing, Taekwondo, and Jiu-jitsu, Serpentine boxing, Samba, Aikido, Barton’s, Bancasira, and Brazilian war dance. In the second episode, ghosts, demons, resurrection and other “magic” began to appear, 100% free everywhere. I don’t think I’d be surprised if the next sentence came up with a spiral pill with my bare hands.

In this kind of magic cabbage price environment, the real system has no way out. It is a challenge to describe combat in a situation where the power of war is expanding. And the author’s prescription is to rot and die. In the “Lain Yu Match”, the tiger’s weapon and the two Kings of Lain Yu are blowing the sky to the sky. Super villains whose fighting power is better than that of the first film emerge one after another. As A result, they can take away A after a few blows. Especially forced Gal burst of the king of Hades Edward, on a second can single pick the whole Wu family class, and then did not start long was Lei An finger poke dead. All we need is an anticlimactic end carved on our foreheads.

And the forced opening is reflected in the new generation of protagonist light me. How am I, a punk, supposed to keep up with monsters that turn at every turn? It’s no longer enough to hit the sack hard. I’m just saying, what the effort is, don’t pretend, and show your hand, I’m a resource guy. May the emperor Ghana, the purgatory apex of Roxon, the male master Asura King Ma, have all their resources to teach the sword master? As for why these bosses take such care of the younger generation? I don’t know. Asking is what the story needs.

So the characters begin to serve the plot and become tools, stepping stones used to strengthen the new hero. Should have been the hero of the hunk man, became the little princess in the greenhouse waiting to feed. In contrast to the original protagonist Wang Ma, when she was a teenager, she went to the forest of Death for cultivation and survived by eating raw centipedes (please do not imitate). It was on the brink of death several times before I mastered the meaning, and it came to today’s position after countless battles. I found a few seniors to practice with, and I was on my way to rocketry. By contrast, the new hero is hard to love.

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