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Bladed teeth:Is it impossible to kill without a sword? A sword is not such an inconvenience

Personally, I’m a big fan of Blade Teeth, and my favorites are Grand Challenge and Mustache Do. Let me evaluate, I would like to start from the semicircle’s understanding of Chinese martial arts. First of all, we should be clear about a fact: few authors are as high profile as Half Yuan in the promotion of Chinese martial arts, so that it can crush almost all famous martial arts status, neither ancient neither boxing nor modern sports can compete with it.

China’s once-in-a-century arena was originally held by the ancient Greeks and Romans, but since the Chinese went along the Silk Road to participate in it, they have simply crushed the traditional Greco-Roman martial arts to such an extent that the hosts have no face to continue it. Kuok Haiquan, the master of Chinese martial arts, is also one of the most powerful fighting characters next to Yinjiro, alongside Miyamoto Mustache, the most powerful sword master in Japanese history (the Mustache complex is understood by all Japanese people) and Pico, the most powerful creature of the ancient period, who hunted the Tyrannosaurus with his bare hands.

So why was the martial arts department of the Grand Challenge so light at the beginning, because Chinese martial arts has been invincible for too long (laughs). Unlike traditional Chinese martial arts, the Chinese martial arts represented by Goo Haiquan are something for the weak. In most Wuxi novels, the rare martial arts skills are the preserve of the strong, the props used by the talented and talented to cultivate one’s strength and build a family. However, the Chinese martial arts that Half Yuan understands are something that the weak use to fight the strong, a prop to make up for the congenital deficiency of the weak.

From karate to Ali, every man stands at the pinnacle of his talent (except Aikido, which is magic, Hahira), but the pinnacle of Chinese martial arts is a skinny old man in a wheelchair who says he can’t break a brick. This is why he still shouted “This is the victory of martial arts” when he was defeated by Yinjiro. Yinjiro, a superhuman with extraordinary talent and a rare occurrence in thousands of years, showed the determination to kill each other and fought with the weak like himself with all his heart, but he survived, which is the best embodiment of the meaning of Chinese martial arts. While all martial arts emphasize talent and bloodline, only Chinese martial arts have the meaning of “all beings are equal without any kind of education”, which can also be seen as a manifestation of the mind. While the eagle is fighting the rabbit, the rabbit’s victory condition is that the eagle manages to survive, rather than trying to pull the eagle down and nibble it.

Of course, it is not to say that Chinese martial arts can only be used as a death-wish, meet those who are not as abnormal as Yong Jiri, Goo Haiquan will easily kill them. So what is the perfect self-defense: kill all not stronger than you, better than you cannot kill you (laughter). The key to the discussion of the whole Grand Challenge is “what is the ultimate strength”. Yinjiro thinks that it is strong to give vent to one’s desires without scruples and no one can stop him, but Kuok Haiquan says contemptuously, “You are weak; your body is full of deficiencies.” Goo Haiphong’s stunt “eliminating force” is a move against his own instinct, and the strong Goo Haiquan represents is introverted mood, is to become stronger and restrain themselves, supervise their spiritual power, and the idea of Yong Jiri is just the opposite.

So Yong Jiri was Goo Haiquan with fists and feet education, the idea of the old Goo also from the beginning of the change to respect and understanding Of course, Half Yuan also pointed out the problem of Chinese martial arts, should be invincible for too long to pay the price: do not think enterprising, arrogant. Liu Hawing and Lie Hawing pursuing the footsteps of the ideal sea king and martial arts to the perfection of the degenerate sea king Dorian martial arts can and karate integration fool alone to play a forty-six open, and the modern sea king is completely excessive certificate, greatly reduced gold content, was a foreigner from afar to beat the water is not unexpected.

Even Goo himself expressed his indignation by cutting off the dominant hand of a provincial official. If Half Yuan praises Chinese martial arts unilaterally, I can only think that he is a lover, but only by pointing out the problems of Chinese martial arts can we see the comprehensiveness of his cognition.

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