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Psionic power is 100%:Since I met you, my world has color.

After watching four episodes of “Psionic 100 Percent”, I finally couldn’t bear to see the new Psionic episode and feel like I was going to die, so I rushed to synchronize the comic book version. Except that I was not satisfied with the hero’s slightly ill-tempered verbal evasion when fighting the BOSS, the plot of the work was still deep in my heart.And “ONE punch Superman”, ONE of the “spirit 100 percent” spoof role set under the full effort — what will only not in addition to the spirit of the self-declared spirit ability, want to become the new world of Carmi sama proud Jiao evil spirit, do not smoke not late for class carefully listen to the bad boy boss, a ghost animal muscle pacifism warm male five group..All exudes the atmosphere of contrast cute, of course, there are men’s dragonet – dragonet and Qi Yu is very similar, they are hidden the strength of destruction of heaven and earth, but are easy to be ignored in the life of the ordinary existence, ordinary to even share a kind of painting style to star in two works of men but no sense of harmony… The difference between the character and Saitama is at the heart of the story of 100 Percent.

Saitama’s strength is crushing in a single punch, which means he can stand still for the final BOSS to throw a combination without getting a scratch; and he takes out most of the bad guys with just a regular punch. Perhaps the daily routine of fighting was too boring for him. Saitama fought with almost no emotion at all, anger, sadness, and fear, excitement, which he didn’t feel or need… He doesn’t really care what the world thinks of him. He just keeps doing what interests him and doesn’t even care if people criticize him. In fact, Saitama’s heart is no different from that of a god. He views the world from the perspective of God and easily destroys the strange people who may destroy a city with a straight face. The ridicule and criticism of ordinary people will never make him get angry and fall into the evil way. Even if the side does not agree with his apprentice Janos, the teacher’s own heart has long been strong enough to ignore the entire ridiculous world… Of course, he’s still hoping for a few more followers.

And the dragon is completely different, he is only 14 years old, it is an ignorant young feelings the most rich and delicate good two times. He will wonder if what he is doing is meaningful, what he really wants to do, and wonder whether the meaning of being a spirit is more important than that of being human. He doesn’t seem to have feelings, but he’s been suppressing them to keep his powers from getting out of control. He also has crushing power, but the villain’s team is just as many strong, the dragon will be constantly injured in the process of fighting, and even be disturbed by the mind, fall into the evil spirit of the illusion trap.The imaginary world created by the most revelation of the Big BOSS shows another possibility of the daily life of the dragon. The dragon here has no superpowers, no life teacher magic, no friends to communicate with, no warm-and-righteous brothers in the body transformation department, the excellent brother is a stranger, and what awaits the dragon is just bullying day after day… Yes, the real world is too warm and kind to the character, as long as the slightest deviation, he may overturn the three views, instantly become the most powerful villain. This is the weakness of the dragon relative to Saitama, and also the incentive for him to be guided by the warmth of the world in the story, and gradually learn to think, fight and grow up by himself. Emotional change and growth — that’s something Psionic talks about all the time, but One Punch doesn’t.

Fortunately, the character eventually learns to rein in his strength and emotions (the same discipline that is on display in One Punch Superman)… Saitama won’t kill Sonic and the hungry Wolf as humans. In the first episode of Evolution House, the weakest frog monster and slug monster will only be held down in the dirt, and his punch will only be used on monsters with real evil abilities.) Unlike the boss of Claw, who has superpowers and wants to conquer the world, after growing up again and again, the character comes to the conclusion that “all people have a purpose to exist, and super powers are no different from other abilities”. The dragon did not choose to destroy himself with the power to stand at the top of the world, but chose to use the power to protect, protect the existence of everyone even the enemy. What a growth for an introverted junior high school student who loses his voice for five minutes while speaking in public to take on a villain who wants to conquer the world.

In my opinion, ONE’s brilliance lies in the fact that even though his paintings are so stupid, he still manages to play with the wonderful Settings that he is good at, the stories are funny and attractive, but still express what he wants to express properly… Such a good original work with the full output of the bone club, animated “Psychic 100 percent” is almost impeccable, the first set of countless circle powder ED God inserted, actually or original plot, can predict “psychic” is expected to become the strongest annual reputation…… Let’s not discuss the question of the emperor, considering that the style of painting may repel some viewers.

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