Hot blood fighting movie

Tutor:First of all, ever since I’ve looked like this, I’ve never thought of an easy death

Tutor’s comments are more polarized, not good feel super ugly, true love powder even if the end also do not abandon.Many of those who abandoned the tutor left in the previous episode. It’s a pity that you didn’t make it to the fight, which is the key part of the tutor’s message, so be sure to wait until the Battle for the Ring. (Highlights for you)In fact, hundreds of episodes of animation will not be ugly, because there will be a unique world view, containing many different elements. There can be a lot of little stories. So, there is always a cute point, as long as the background is not too bad, the overall is not too bad.

And the most important thing is the world view. Compared to most migrant workers, the tutor’s view of the world is not so prominent, because he is not empty; feel very close to our life, that is, to the Mafia under a new definition.

Is not a lot of suspense elements of animation, go to the relaxed joy, at this time some people will say, no fun, but I have to say, sorry ah, this is the characteristics of the tutor ah! (Clap, highlight)

Tutor animation actually harmonizes a lot of bloody scenes in the cartoon, suitable for all ages to see. I mean, it’s educational, okay?! What’s more, it does not bring dark suspense wind, and slowly transmits positive energy. It is very relaxed when you watch it, but inadvertently brings you a lot of moving. These moves are you touch, life can experience.

Tutor into the pit is a middle school period, at the same time to see all the migrant workers, the tutor is not the most beautiful at that time, but after many years the most memorable. Because now I am no longer a middle school student, and I look at the full middle School student sense at home,In fact, the concept conveyed is full of reality. Cherish around friendship.

Jump is a project that needs to convey this concept.

We are not Homage, not the thief, and cannot save the world, these are too far away from me, and there are extraordinary people as well as ordinary people, everyone’s efforts let me feel, ordinary help, ordinary friendship and fetters. Therefore, sometimes the ordinary people without ability, the ordinary world without overhead, and our daily close efforts, let me not shine at the moment, but it is worth recalling.

This is the tutor party after many years are willing to review, the end, the heart also kept the reason. The same chicken soup, I like the bowl of plain years ago, but from time to time wants to aftertaste chicken soup.

Finally, I will give five stars for the short review, and I will bring my feelings for my tutor. Four stars in a long review. After reading everyone should be able to feel that the tutor is not perfect, there are many shortcomings, now my view, have to admit that some of the two, the prominent portrayal of the character of this show is very obvious. There is also the daily section does not have a good transition, appears a little too much. But the ones who say boring, stupid, childish,I mean, if you come here after just reading the daily story, you’re not respecting your tutor. If you finish it Please watch the drama in your head later. This is the animation I started to chase since junior high school, from junior high school love to now, and then to the future.

I don’t know that I was at that time to draw more brain to finish the front boring daily, and the brain draw more than 200 sets from beginning to end open six or seven times, not a detail.

It suddenly occurred to me that I was the reason why I liked my governess: this was Mengele; this was the companion I had always wanted and admired.

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