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FA, the alchemist of steel:People get nothing without sacrifice, in order to get something, you need to pay the same price.

The story of Steel Alchemy finally comes to an end. Nine years is not a long run, but it is enough to make the series feel so rigorous and complete that it is either forced to stretch or cut in half — Ed still remembers his failure to rescue Nina, the little girl whose father made her into a synthetic beast. And Al, after his recovery, finally ate the apple pie that Wanly had learned from Mrs. Hughes; In the first sentence, the girl Rose who hopes to revive her boyfriend, the mechanical armor technicians of Lasubarre and the girl who once stole Ed’s pocket watch, etc., most of the NPCS who have participated in the life of the Elli brothers are mentioned, and countless past memories vividly reflect the sincere and powerful happy ending from all aspects… While some departures are unexpected, others survive surprisingly.

The most deserved death belongs to Hohenheim. Slave 23, the only survivor of Excels who perished overnight,A man who has lived for more than a thousand years, who is not old, who is the stone of the sage.

He was surprised by his occasional happiness. Then one day, he fell in love with a woman, married her and had two sons with her. He shed tears for the first time while taking a family photo, and finally had a wish that he was trying to realize: to be with her forever… Die together.

That’s it. It should be a perfect love story. However, in order to qualify for death, Hohenheim went on a trip, during which his wife died of an epidemic. His last words were “Sorry I didn’t keep my promise, I have to go.”

Watching Mr. Hohenheim, sometimes reminded of “The Man from Earth,” a small-budget American film based on the novel of the same name, (A more appropriate translation might be “The Man came from a cave.”) A seemingly ordinary history professor in his thirties talks: He lived 14,000 years, came from the cave age, saw the ice age, hunted mammoths, practiced with Skamania, was Jesus Christ himself, and he may have been the most bigamist man in the world…

The story ends with a history professor who has lived for 140 centuries discovering, in a rare act of candor, that an elderly colleague is actually his own son. The old man dies of sudden death on the spot, his first… Witnessing the death of your own child,Even after 14,000 years, there’s still something new.

Yes, death itself is not terrible; it is just the infinite unknown. What is terrible is the fear of the unknown, and the pain that is part of most deaths; the only sadness was for the relatives and friends left behind, and the fear that I had “left them behind.”

Hohenheim, however, could not remain as calm as the 14,000-year-old history professor and feel his journey. His story of immortality begins so heavily that death — meaningful death — is the most desirable destination, appointment, and redemption. It was a pity that he had not been able to live with his wife, but he died a lucky and deserved death: the sage stone inside him had not been used up in the final battle, both of his children had returned safely, and the stubborn and angry one had called him “Daddy” at last… Then he went home alone, sat at his wife’s grave, and smiled and closed his eyes.

As we all know, nature is supposed to end happily when God blocks and kills God Buddha blocks and kills Buddha. However, Steel chain is always the story of ox aunt, so what will happen in the end makes people a little worried. When Al traded his soul for Ed’s right hand, I didn’t worry at all about the bento — how could this sweet, sweet boy, who had been armor from the beginning and ended up paying for his brother’s soul (which was the only price he could pay)? But the question immediately goes to the next level: what about Ed?

It was touching to die for his brother, and magnificent to burn down to ashes, but it was not very boyhood comic, and, as Roy says, “he knew the horror and despair of being left alone,” and he did not want that to happen to his brother.

Well, what else could he give to get Al’s whole man back? He would not even use the Philosopher’s Stone, nor sacrifice the last of his father’s life, so as not to break his vow with Al… They are still so naive.

The price he paid, unbeknownst to us, was to say goodbye to truth and give him back the ability to use alchemy, even though alchemy had always been everything to him: knowledge and power, skill and combat, hope and despair. But as he handed it back to Truth, he looked expectant and serene.

Because he already understood that relying too much on this power called “truth” led to his own overconfidence and constant failure, and the life after the loss of “power”, there are friends, there are opportunities to continue to learn knowledge, and there is a long future…

As for Roy, he has no hesitation in deciding to use Dr. Marco’s offer of the Philosopher’s Stone (provided, of course, that the New Deal works in Ishubal’s favor) as a “toll” to get his sight back.

After all, there were so many battles to come, and the actual military and political conflict could not be as simple as “the hero who defeated the dragon became king from now on,” and he had to climb up the ranks worthy of what he had said to his dead friends, and of his comrades and subordinates who believed in him. Even blind people can continue to contribute to the world, for his battlefield and dream, is too hypocritical and false.

One of the more surprising things was Ski. In too many stories, we’ve seen avenger of his type wake up at the last moment, repent, and use his own death to wipe the SLATE clean. Yet he lived, and the second time, Death’s craggy face smiled again in denial, whether blessing or mockery.

Because yes, it’s always harder to live,To live is to be doomed not to be written off, must face the sin, must take responsibility… Fortunately, the tattoo on his arm is not just disintegrating and destroying.

Rather surprisingly, “Hubris,” or Master Slim. The joke must be “how on earth did he get back to normal size from that tiny thumb-sized baby!” “And if you look at it a little higher, the moral of the episode is clearly that the most” arrogant “become the weakest and meanest, and then start over and grow up as human beings.

What happens after that? No one knows. But after all, it was the woman who raised him this time — Kim Bradley’s chosen “king’s mate”, the only thing the artificial father and son had left in their hearts.

It was a relief to see that none of the four cute synthetic beasts that appeared late in the show had lunch. As for the most interesting survivor, it must be Yuki. The villain who appeared in the first line of the cartoon actually stood until the end. With a little persistence, he won some small victories, gained some pride and courage to face the future (…… A little courage in the circus) By contrast, the long, drawn-out weekly teen comics, with their wholesale and forgotten mass-produced cameos, make one wonder about the writers’ own differences in skill and taste, and the merits and demerits of the weekly/monthly serialization system.

The most tragic sacrifice is Yao Lin’s subordinate Fu Don, and Mohican head of Uncle Papain. The sense of heroism is moving; as for the perversion of the red lotus (consumed by “arrogance”) to the end, the president demonstrated what it means to create human self-esteem, which is crisp and finished.

Regardless of camp, no matter the so-called “good” or “evil”, Aunt Niue describes the meaning of survival or death of each character properly, and the most impressive death, in fact, is “greed”.

Why is he dead when the SINS of Ski are still alive?

Why was his host, Yao Lin, safe and sound, but he died?

Why is it that Hubris, who is also an artificial man, can be reborn, but he dies?

No one can resist asking.

Indeed, he died a violent, emotional, heroic death. He used his “first and last lie” to protect Yao Lin, giving his father a crucial blow, he put down his pride at the last moment, called Yao Lin, Ed and other partners as “soul friends”… But so what? Sacrifices of similar magnitude and height are numerous in this story, and if this death has any particular significance for the greed of the artificial man, it is this

By nature, he is destined to be the most greedy, insatiable, money, women, status, power and everything he wants to own… Actually learned to meet and give up.

So he said, “Enough already.” Goodbye.

Then, those who survive will move on to the future before returning to the destination.

And all belong to one, by the whole life, the sun, the moon, Yin and Yang, all things flow, heaven and earth cycle… Time is like an arrow, never return.

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