Hot blood fighting movie

Sword gods:When the black and white swords cross, that moment promises to protect you forever, each other to protect each other

In any case, sao as a tva is now very successful, the disc and surrounding sales are good, the topic is also high, a commercial animation, except the word of mouth, he has everything.Let’s talk about the advantages of sword animation: the biggest and most fundamental advantage of sword lies in the setting of characters. No matter the male and female protagonists, it is difficult to find deficiencies in the basic elements that can form the charm index of a character, such as the character’s personality, appearance and strength. In other words, both the hero and the heroine belong to the set of perfect people, which is relatively rare in the harem animation.

Of course, maybe some people will be dismissive of this kind of slightly dreamy setting, the handsome Ago rich and white rich beauty of the show of love is also likely to arouse a part of the fake disgust. But you can’t deny that there is indeed a period of time in everyone’s heart that is full of longing for such a perfect match. Although one day the bitter reality has shattered the rich fantasy, the throbbing longing is just like a lucky glimpse of the past years. Once the title is given, even if the verbal abuse of the dog is unreal, the heart cannot help but warm and sincere wish that the couple can finally get married. Not to mention the sword with the table called harem, but discerning people know that there can only be a love line, spare sister is in order to show the charm of Tung seeds props.

In addition, I think it is also unrealistic to set the taste of scum for the ham men generally. Moreover, I still think that the only difference between Aria Chinua (accelerated world actor), who is now the representative of dials, and the heart-throb Dongle is the human design. Whether it is shallow or vulgar, this exactly causes the huge difference in popularity between sword and accelerated animation.

The second is a story that is reasonable and flowing, and by reasonable I don’t mean reasonable, but what the audience expects. He gives you what the audience wants to see, and all kinds of mature (or bad) scenes are superimposed on top of each other, with nothing new to say, but it’s hard to find anything fundamentally wrong with them. It can be said that by removing the mask of the setting of online games, all the elements that promote the plot of sword can be found in the previous films, which brings the audience a certain sense of pleasure, without any bright spots. But it’s very safe. Film critics like to define films with a concept — genre films. If it is extended to the field of cartoon criticism, sword is a typical harem genre film.

Finally, the setting is not to say that the setting of the sword is so complete, so rigorous, let alone so novel, but the setting of online games gives these work infinite possibilities to compete on other platforms. In front of the possibility of cross-platform extensibility, what can be taken advantage of online games and what can be convenient for nerds to resonate is a little pale. There are many, not to mention many, ways in which cross-platform productions have benefited the sword brand.

As for those who have been criticizing the painting, performance, storyboard and even the control of the cut and the rhythm of the animation, we can only say: For the ordinary audience, we are still a little far away, we are not industry insiders on the production link of different opinions is just unnecessary, public opinion, put a “I do with better” attitude is meaningless, not to mention our views themselves are different starting points, levels are different. The most telling is the disagreement between the painting Party and the painting Quality Party on whether some sao words are good or bad. Beyond our own identity of speech are amateurs, amateurs and amateurs quarrel, can quarrel a professional conclusion? It seems a little precarious to me.

So watch quietly and buy (if you have the money). SAO is a good one. Although it has received mixed reviews, it has fulfilled its mission as a TVA to build a brand and make a lot of money from it. From the point of view of production, you can still say that he is a second-rate commercial animation, but in commercial animation, he is undoubtedly a mainstream work!

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