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Vitality girl edge knot God:Life is short, and it’s better to live as you please, and if that guy wants to stay here, I’m not going to stop him.

What difference does it make if you’re not a teenager when you’re 18 years old?I was under a lot of pressure recently, so in this October when I only followed two Mussels, I gave the only two opportunities to the young Mussels (adjacent monsters & Qi) and put them on the table. Even my roommate screamed, Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Then in my gnashing teeth to kill, quickly out of the door.

Nosebleeds can’t be stopped at all. Isn’t that reason enough to chase them down?! Hum!!

Well, in fact, the main reason for this is not only the traditional, the hero is beautiful, the plot is idiotic (no brainwork), but more because the hero is beautiful! The hero is very beautiful! The hero is very beautiful! The hero is very beautiful! Say it with me. The guy is beautiful! A hundred times! (Oh, sorry, for those of you who thought I’d be serious about finding some other legitimate and serious cause, let you down? Take a bow.)

Although I always insist, male master is female, male two is our concept of right and wrong, but you always want to know like I can think of open, always keep the duty only greedy male two female audience is very cannot seek, ah, the confidence of the high head) (get a check, want to hit my line up, immediately call the number arrangement ~)

In fact, to paraphrase my idol MI Men, the hero of the girls’ drama is never in love with the heroine. Because they want to impress, never the heroine, but the female audience!

And the female audience this kind of creature, you know, compared to the female master, they more difficult to make point is that they are completely shameless = = =, never consider their own conditions (see a TV to consider the conditions is too unreasonable ah) always a pair of Wu Detain in the pick male pet morale, slightly not satisfactory on the change channel, PASS reason are domineer and simple: pig! The eyes are too dirty! Wretched shape!

So, you see the beauty is the basis of the original girl. But foundation is not enough, you have to be able to attract people to watch, to put it bluntly, you have to make the audience not only the eyes, but also the heart.

The story of the girl has always been criticized but the big reason behind the enduring popularity, is that the audience is actually spending money to see the idiotic story, such a beautiful handsome man, you let the female master almighty, wipe, scriptwriting you are looking for smoke, so that I also see a wool line, hit dead.

What the audience is looking for is a sense of superiority in intelligence, and then after the end can be openly narcissistic, cut, such a woman can find rich handsome, I am much better than her.

Well, that’s almost half the battle.

But! The heroine is too stupid and weak and very bad. Why? Because the female audience… Didn’t I tell you, because the female audience, they are totally shameless, = =, the opponent is easy to beat this kind of thing, it is hard to challenge, the audience is very smart, everyone’s subtle mind is that I am better than the female lead but you don’t let the female weak too obviously deliberately let down the water it will hurt my self-esteem. You see, women in the audience have a very difficult ego.

So the wisdom of the Qi lies in this.

Remove the male master and the beauty of the style, the control of the plot of the vitality can be said to be quite good, the shaping of tying just right, Some female audience members felt pity for her weak appearance at the beginning, but even if she received help from the hero, she would feel reasonable and not jealous. Secondly, the concubine’s harem is large but not so large that it is boring. That is to say, it seems that every male pair of concubine is good, but in fact, the only one who really cares about the concubine is Bowie. In addition, although the heroine is an idiot Madonna, she is often a little cunning and clever. At least in the third episode, I saw the use of white curse to help Kotaro that I think the heroine is quite some redeeming. Such a female protagonist, more intelligent than the passers-by in the anime, but also more stupid than the female audience, wow, there is a more suitable female protagonist setting. Of course, Tachibana’s voice also adds a lot to the film.

To sum up, no matter what, as a fan of eternal love even if the heroine is weak to be outrageous, I will insist on watching for the beauty of the fox demon, this is as a fan’s integrity [chest out], not to mention the heroine is very lovable very smart not as smart as me, for me this black heart pompous female audience, this is to dream to laugh awake welfare, how cannot chase.

Well, to add some facts, watching teenage girls always has a sense of time back to the teenage high school, even though the screen is still flowing into the body feeling, it is really very beautiful, this is probably one of the reasons I attracted. Oh, well, the eternal 18 year old set + the first round of all kinds of hard review, the two feelings are really pleasant to cross.

I mean, what difference does it make if you’re not a teenager?

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