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Shape of sound:The shape of sound, the beauty of summer

There’s a guy in every class who’s kind of a jerk, doesn’t get good grades or bad grades, is bored, and just wants to find something new every day. There were always two or three little chaperones around, and a few little girls secretly adored. Ishida will also be such a “king of children”. One day, a transfer to the girl west palace nitrate caught his attention. She is deaf, can only rely on paper and pen to communicate with classmates, but Ishida also regarded as “fun”. From then on, Ishida and others bullied and isolated Nishimiya, stealing hearing AIDS, writing “die” on the blackboard, and tearing up the exercise book. Finally, Nishimiya was forced to change schools.

After Nishimiya left, he was also isolated from the people around him because of bullying Nishimiya, so he realized what he had done. Meet again after many years, hoping to atone. And in the process of re-contact, Nish gong nitrate found himself in love with Ishida will also……

This “fall in love with the person who hurt me the most” routine, is not the campus cruel youth story of Goo Xiao’s and Rae Xiamen? Instead of facing up to the cruelty of “school bullying”, it becomes the salvation of youth of young girls with the help of Jinan’s melancholy sense.

Sorry, I can only see the illusion of self-thought redemption, cannot be moved, even a little uncomfortable.

In fact, from the beginning, the director of The Shape of Sound wanted to express not the cruelty of “school bullying”, but the focus on the connection between people.

“Yamada once again stresses that the theme of this book is not” bullying “, and that the bully cannot simply be regarded as “evil”. What the movie wants to tell is that every character has to face the situation and troubles, but they do not choose to escape but to face the problem and find a solution. Yamada expressed gratitude to the audience for understanding this, and perhaps it is in Japan that such a style can be accepted.”

I can’t find a source for the Anytime passage, but I found a similar comment from the director on the website of Japan’s Ministry of Education, Sports, Science and Technology:

Highlight: Although there are descriptions of bullying and physical disorders in the works, after touching the works, I know that there is more fundamental problem….. I think the desire to connect is what the work is about.

“Bullying” the crime of color is naturally downplayed, so memories of primary school bullying, color is soft, scene switch between also increase a large sea of flowers, sunset close-up, understatement as if it is just between children, not to mention.

So then it’s time to “rebuild the friendship”: Ishida apologizes to Nishimiya and wants to be friends, and Nishimiya agrees. Sahara, Ueno, Agawam, these or had bullied or had watched the bully one by one……

This meeting a smile at the setting of…..

As for the back of the glass to the west palace confession such as the dog blood spread presumably we all know. I can’t guess the psychological changes of this character, how she can be isolated, bullied, after years of reunion, can easily fall in love with the boy who bullied her.

In fact, what made me most uncomfortable and sick about the whole show was that everyone, including the heroine, treated the inconvenience of “hearing impairment” as an “evil.”

From the beginning, nitrate cannot distinguish intonation, resulting in the failure of class chorus, we think her existence disrupted the original order of the class; Again to the small gang bully nitrate, nitrate after the transfer of stone field was isolated, plant wild that their friendship split is the fault of nitrate, never reflect on what he had done how cruel.

Even the nitrate also thought it was their fault; she will be so hard to re-establish the relationship to ruin, and commit suicide.

When I saw this place, I had 10,000 grass and mud horses galloping past. And such Ueno Nashua, the director is like, even praise.

Yamada: I think Ueno is good. She won’t look at glass any differently. As an equal being, sincerely facing the glass,I think is a very charming and respectable person.

But what does Ueno do the most? Do you discard Nishimiya hearing aid and yell at her to say what you want to say, or do you slap Nits in the face while complaining to yourself in the Ferris wheel?

Her abuser showed no remorse, yet her actions were seen by the director as a sign of “equal treatment”?

To which I can only say: stupid.

To be honest, I’m disappointed in Kyanize. Not all stories can be made into a small fresh campus love story, the blood and tears behind the school bullying, do not know how much to add filters to beautify so.

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