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Journey of youth:Gentle and right people are always difficult to survive, because the world is neither gentle nor right

Youth travel is really a girl’s little book.High school girls meet again at the beginning of love fire rekindled, bearing the pain of the past first love but repeatedly refused. It happens that first love is a proud Jiao of inconsistent words and deeds, here just refused to tying, and there in a fair face of course titillate tying. Typical “I’m cold and I’m cruel not because I don’t love you but because I’ve been hurt.” She is also a young girl man Wang way – Mary Sue set. First love abuse me ten million times, I treat first love like first love. Live for love Die for love let me save you. Next to the two young people, always do with my heart for you to show joy so that only high school non-mainstream girls can do things.

Junior two with Virgin Maid are you afraid of loving me?

Seems too traditional setting, like a boring team?

If you find this animation boring, you’re probably a lucky teenager. You think this animation is for you? Take a bath and go to bed because I have my monthly exam tomorrow.

Like the author who has no Bai Fu Mei material to learn Bai Fu Mei daisy, shy with a face of vicissitudes and holding a glass heart to find true love in the world of older women, is the target audience, OK?

What kind of man does older women like best?” “Wine, golf and fancy car” “Pecks and abs man fishing line” sexy type

Ha, haven’t heard of it? In every woman’s heart, there is a black hair collarbone white shirt young, he gentle and silent, and awkward green, occasionally rude say you “girl really trouble”, but still will silently remember everything you care about… Such a young man, is the “Love letter” in the tree, is the “first love this small matter” in the Liang elder, is the original appearance of love.

Akihiro in “Youth Travel” is just such a young man. Starting with the memoir of the middle school years, Futaba and the female audience are most impressed by the back of Futaba’s back, white shirt, thin back and thick black hair that envelops the smooth neck line while playing hide-and-seek. This long close-up is really a killer. Who hasn’t peeked at the back of their crush when they were young? The girls in front of the computer thousands of millions, this second we are not alone.

Subsequently, when the boy has changed from a warm man to a cold force cool, the girl is still committed to it again. So Jack Sue plot, but let a person can’t stop, probably because the author is too well versed in the female audience’s psychology (is the original author really dream wild teacher?). When Futaba cries but does not want to be seen embarrass, seems to inadvertently grab Futaba away, the girl’s tears in his shoulder. In the moonlight of the empty hall, the two tacit understanding of the head on the table, a turn of the head to find each other away from their own distance, two pairs of eyes shake shame without escape… All the poetic and beautiful details, full of young people’s pure love and tenderness, a moment to heal the older young women tired of the vicissitudes of the heart.

And brave to love double leaf, frank small together, these young faces reflect how many people young themselves? Not afraid to fall and hurt, do not care about self-esteem and posture, is difficult to be left after growing up precious character. We are taught to be reserved, to be steady, to be willing to say no and to take the high ground in every possible relationship. Talk about a love like a game of chess, “a son of the mistake of all the ropes,” reminds you to step by step. But in the process of calculating capture, don’t you lose heart?

In addition, the character of a few supporting characters can always remind people of who they know, such as the next class that is always full of vigor and blood young ah, once the next table that is not liked by girls but heterosexual love is very good cute class flowers ah, a strong sense of reality set, can also instantly bring people back to youth, see then friends and partners smile.

When people are young, they never realize the value of young time.

Always after many years of separation, to know that a happy land is hard to find, looking back is another spring.

In the end of the season, the open-heart Akihiro and his friends walk down the street after school and talk about how they will play this summer vacation. Although the finish of the comic, already knows the story is still to dog blood small three suddenly turn down, but at the moment, but only hope that the sun is full of every young heart, and their youth, like ten thousand years of primary school Conan, never end.

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