Love Movie

The odd student sitting next to him:I wanted to see you, and you showed up.

It’s been a long time since I felt so compelled to write something for something or someone.I myself am a procrastinator. All the things I like, dislike and want to do are always put off by me until I lose confidence in myself and give up silently.For example, confessions, I would put it off until I finally stopped caring about the gummy, incoherent, interminable relationship and gave up, as I had expected.Because I know I haven’t had the courage to say it.That’s why I haven’t been particularly fond of you. After the second season, my patience was worn out and my affection began to decline. What do you like? Is it really so hard to say?

For the wind early and Shang Zip, there are; for myself, yes; For Churchman and karada-chan, not at all.

That’s why I like the seat next to me so much. What I want just appears when I need it most. Maybe not only that, but more importantly, there is something I have been searching for, and I find it in them. The terrible thing was how they took it for granted and how they showed it to me.

Even if the wavelength is not right, like the time just missed, they have the courage, always in the first moment to find their own mind, on the complete convey to each other. Even for them, it’s not just courage, its instinct, wanting to let the other person know because they like it, it’s a frank, almost simple idea.

It’s something I’ve been searching for but haven’t had the courage to grasp.

When Chan says, “I would go to school if it was you,” on the way home, when Chan says, “I like you,” Chan concedes when Chan says that it’s good to meet her, and Chan hugs Chan at the end of the school festival.

Because both are fools, both slowly learning how to like, fearless because they are ignorant, because neither of them can think too much. I or Shang son or, are too afraid of failure, will repeat in the heart countless times if how, for their own good imagine 100 failure of the outcome did not dare to take a step forward. Confession of what is clearly just a second thing, but because of their round and round and infinite extension eventually stranded.

Just because I hate myself like this, I like them like that.

Do not care about failure or not, simply want to tell each other their own this mood, simple, direct, but has not lost to anyone’s enthusiasm. Also do not need too much modification too much brewing, such an “I like you” straight ball confession can hit me, so clumsy learning like but let people think that the person who should learn how to like should be yourself.

When Chan picks up a book and says, “I like anything you like,” or grabs karada-chan collar for a KISS, when Chan sleeps on Chan’s lap, says, “I like you” when Chan skips class for the first time, and says, “I want to know more about you even when karada-chan says,” Do you hate me?” Maybe it’s just a natural instinct, but it’s really moving forward.

So maybe next time I won’t hold back. After all, what you like is a matter of a lifetime, and what you confess is only a matter of a second.

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