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The promised Nederland:I mean, you can make plates out of mud, right? Mud boats don’t always sink.

Simple assessment: The setting is bigger than the story, the usual trick of light novels.Everyone who has seen the story of Hashing wood is very familiar with, “Pact” is a typical heresy works, is a pure rely on the setting and story to promote the bias of the cartoon style of green man; And Jump pillar, must and must be the blood of the battle of the king Dao fan. So first of all, don’t make it a pillar. Thank you

From the perspective of story type, compared with famous predecessors, Death Note, Dream Eater, and even other magazines’ topic gods, such as Attack on Giants, have not exceeded 200 words. It is still a question mark whether “Pact” can exceed 200 words, because this kind of fast pace, driven by “god story” and “digging pit”, once the pace of the story slows down, As long as the popularity of Jump is declining, it is inevitable to cut it in half. In fact, the current plot of manga is already suffering from similar problems. It is impossible to make up a few pages of story by relying on the memories of a single character. If the characters of the new chapter are not excavated, the readers will not have a good sense of inclusion.

I originally expected the story of “Pact” to be about everyone having their own little 99, and that’s how it started, but by the middle it was almost pure evil versus good, and the digging was so obvious that the author couldn’t wait to fill in the holes because of his popularity.

It can be seen that the story of “Pact”, including the world view, has been considered. However, in the environment of weekly Jump ranking first, the story itself needs to be compact and have new imagination, so the requirements on the original work and painting are almost cruel. After all, it is a work that depends on setting and story, but human imagination or inspiration can’t keep up with the speed of weekly. “The Pact” feels like it’s running out of inspiration and mediocrity after 70 words.

Yes, the story and the setting are fascinating in the beginning, but maintaining that attraction is excruciating, and the Appointment suffers from almost the same problem as Got Kill, which is that it’s hard to have lunch in the middle and later stages of the story — a world with a brutal backstory that needs lunch in the beginning, but has almost no lunch when it unfolds. This is really quite a contrast.

In contrast to the evil works of the gods, the shortcomings of “Pact” are even more obvious in the aspects of painting, story, storyboard and layer by layer.

So the conclusion is, “Pact” is one of the rare works of recent years, certainly in the realm of heresy. However, both advantages and disadvantages are very obvious, and the story can’t be developed too far into the future. The setting of the characters is also a little too simple, and the plot is pushed too fast for popularity, which is not conducive to long-term serialization.

The upper limit is elder brother kill this level, there is a large gap from God, the platform is too support.

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