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Famous Detective Conan: Episode ONE of the smaller famous detective:Conan’s Past

As luck would have it, Boss Ma sent a Yoakum member after chopping hands on Nov 11. As it happens, four minutes past 20am, I remembered that I had just read a tweet saying that the Conan special had been postponed until 20am. So opened the website for the first time to watch the 20th anniversary of the cold meal Conscience Stir Episode OneSo many years still keep not let go of every second of obsessive-compulsive disorder, patiently finished.

Not much of a surprise, but not a disappointment. Cold rice is to fry, the audience is to eat, low score is not playing, and feelings are priceless. I was born in 1996, a few years ago was the youngest group of Conan fans, but now I’m graduating from college, followed by the younger group of Conan fans am also growing, which is a good thing. I still remember that in 2012, the number of Badu Conan Bar was less than 400,000, but now it is 2.27 million. At that time, I watched the first episode and was so excited to recall the horror or excitement in my childhood that I watched each theatrical version more than three times. It’s like a poster bar. Conan die-hard fan

It was the 20th anniversary of the TV version, and now a look at Badu Encyclopedia can see that a lot of staff has flown to the west. Once people die, they can only live in other people’s memories. A few years ago, everyone loved the spring sister, but this year, the scriptwriter Mr. Gone Nisei also passed away. The first generation of Suzuki Jiri, Shiratori Renzaburo and James Black are all gone, as are the two generations of Yinjiro Yuan Yama.

And when it comes to the theater version in recent years, maybe everyone is vigorously scolding Sizing + Sakurai this pair of Conan theater version to do more and more bad. In fact, I think most of us don’t realize that our changes affect us more than we realize. The weak reasoning of recent theatrical versions is obvious, but looking at the reasoning of many years ago, it also seems to be full of holes. So maybe it’s not that the theater version is worse, it’s more about its own growth.

The two classic songs still remind people of the mood of that year. I other cannot, but like nostalgia. Cold rice is to fry, I also want to eat, eat will also boast, really delicious

Classic There’s definitely been a shift in the style of Conan, and with this reboot, it’s possible to keep the style consistent when looking back. But it’s also great to look at the work itself without that purpose. First of all, it doesn’t change anything from the show, just expands it. Including the expansion of the amusement park into a “tropical paradise,” but also added that a photograph, as a very important clue, in Milano warranty to Kudu’s home when the investigation placed on the table. Xiao LAN’s karate final was because Kudos left, angry to win; It was then that the garden caught Koi’s eye; That night a new parents actually just go back to take things, casual became later “kidnap” Conan appearance.

Chianti and Koran were there on the gin and vodka trip to the amusement park; Judy, Akai is actually pursuing absinthe, and their battlefield is about to turn from the United States to Japan… It is the same story of the first episode, but with more of these unseen perspectives, there is a feeling that the mountains are ready to come. This is a recreation of the classic, but also beyond. The relationship between Shinichi and Xiao LAN is also depicted more fully, including the scene of three-year-old Shinichi falling in love with Xiao LAN at first sight.

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