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The Battle of Arslan:I think in this world, some things have to be experienced to be understood

Someone once said, aunt cow and Tanaka cooperation, is a nightmare.As a loyal fan, I was surprised by this comment. Until I found in this year’s new series the long – acclaimed “Arslan War”Arslan is another influential novel by Yoshi Ki Tanaka. The book takes the experience of Prince Pars’ return to the kingdom as the main line, accompanied by the plots of kingdom war, court power, strategic intrigue, etc., forming a fantastic epic fantasy. Among them, you can see a burly Lord like Guan Yu, riding a stallion and holding two swords to protect him; Will also find the Rustling son dragon, ah no, is the Lord Darin love King heart, thousands of miles to protect the princess; More can appreciate the beauty and wisdom of the same, the girl and Shanghai both have the counselor Nazi, in the court painter’s road gone forever.

All in all, this is another masterpiece by Mr. Tanaka, who is good at grand world Settings and blends creativity with the history of The Three Kingdoms.

And “Steel Alchemist” for readers familiar with the teacher Hiroshi Arakawa, is good at simple and touching the charm of the character. The union of two ultimate bento lovers, comics and novelists, should have been a good thing.

However, an extreme talent often also hides unspeakable deficiencies and the collision of two talents, need to consider more factors.

Since I was not used to writing history books in Tanaka’s style, I went to watch the animated version of The Legend of the Galactic Heroes. When the governor died and the war broke out, I still remember the sad atmosphere. But the animated version of “Arslan” did not bring me such a shock and moved.

When I found the movie version of War, which was made in 1991, and saw the silver-haired prince wearing a gorgeous helmet looking out into the distance in confusion, I once again understood the readers’ pessimistic attitude towards the cooperation between the two masters in the style of returning Tanaka.

Tanaka’s books are powerful and powerful, and he is good at documenting his characters in an epic way. Such novels are perfect for the ornate painter, with elaborate ornamentals that exude the mystical air of a king. Niue aunt’s painting style, with plain and impact of drawing break this illusorily mysterious, replaced by personal style obvious Arakawa funny and inspirational.

In the face of two authors with conflicting styles, the production team’s re-creation is also unsatisfactory.

For example, so far the popular fate stay night, in terms of production alone, it has spent a lot of attention on special effects and angles of fighting, and the memories of the king’s war in the play can also be done in the flying camera, the atmosphere is exquisite.

The animated version of the Battle of Arslan, on the other hand, likes to use close-up shots in inappropriate places for many times. Although thousands of soldiers are drawn in the background, the desolation and splendor of the book is not highlighted, but the scene is more crowded, which makes people feel sorry. The animation’s style is slimmer and more gorgeous than the manga version (for example, the handsome men are changed into melon seed faces), but it still can’t match the way the film tells the story. At the same time, there are some charming details in the comic version that the animation team seems not to have used — for example, in the scene where Darin is cut off by the King with a sword, Aunt Niue uses simple black and white and appropriate angles to make the scene full of impact, while the animated version leaves more shots for tents and scattered soldiers, which somewhat weakens the language of the picture. Finally the king beckoned Darrin out with a Cronin gesture, and darn silently walked out. It is really very important for animation supervision to have a proper sense of the mirror.

Tanaka once said that he could not understand the fact that Willy Yang was more popular than Reinhart, which shows that the best fictional character in Tanaka’s mind is a beautiful, noble and mysterious king like Reinhart. The value orientation of the author also explains to a certain extent the suitable painter.

But while it’s easy to make fun of something, it takes a lot of time and energy to settle down and make something. Animation version in the selection of BGM and the play of the voice actor, still sends out no small charm, as a new, is still strong.

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