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Mobile Suit Gun dam SEED DESTINY:No matter how beautiful the flowers are, people will eventually forget them

Gun dam SEED-Destiney picks up where it left off a few months after the Final Word was played, with a Final Plus finish. In addition to supplementing the interpretation of part of the plot, the Final Plus describes a beautiful picture to us at the end. Orb and ZAFT, two big countries, have simultaneously entered the era of female leadership, and the two former male protagonists, Kara and aslant, have voluntarily stepped into the background.

Let’s start with the Orb. Orb is a hereditary principality. After the death of the previous generation, the new heir, Kigali, was once under the control of Blue Cat (the guy with blue hair that looks like Elvis) and his son, forced into exile. Thanks to the poor governing ability of the Blue Cats, they misjudged the situation at home and abroad at a critical moment, which directly led to the involvement of Orb in the war and caused discontent among the people. And because of the wrong wartime command, caused a large number of casualties, leading to the dissatisfaction of the army.Anyway, in the end, Kigali made a successful comeback and took over the country again. Such experience makes Kigali completely abandon the heroic and tomboy image in Gun dam SEED, and put on a depressed expression in Gun dam seed-Destiney. Later, after the recapture of the regime, is immersed in the state, took off her boyfriend Aslant sent the ring, great learning a queen, will devote their life to the trend of the country. In the last scene of the Final Plus, she becomes the mother of the nation.

Pity Aslant of our once glorious ZAFT. After being abandoned by Lax in Gun dam SEED, he was lucky enough to find a Kigali who could live and die with him. However, in the Gun dam SEED-Destiney a year later, it goes the same way and is once again abandoned by Kigali; Now I am accompanied by ZAFT’s fans, Mei Lin. No wonder, though, that we Comrades Aslant were too indecisive and capricious to be with Kara, instead of going to ZAFT. After some inducement from the evil Chancellor, she wore ZAFT’s uniform and took up with Orb — even though she was forced into exile at the time, it was her country. Not to mention in Kara after persuasion, do not repent, until the speaker was finally after, just panic fled back to Kara and Kigali side. It seems that the match between Kigali and aslant will have to wait until the third book of Gun dam SEED.

And then there’s Lax, the big lady from ZAFT. In Gun dam SEED; we are the daughter of the supreme officer of ZAFT — the Chancellor, the betrothal of the first son of aslant, and the first singer, the first speaker and so on. However, after the Universe encounters the hostile Kara, the balance in his heart begins to favor Kara. Later, the top secret nuclear power Gun dam of ZAFT is given to Kara as a token of affection. After her father was killed by Alan’s father, she was forced to flee. When she left ZAFT, she even took a new warship along with her, as a farewell gift to Kara… Gun dam SEED finally, after the war is over, and Kara retreated to the island, like a “husband and child care” Daiwa Fake.

Only the Gun dam SEED-Destiney opens and is pulled into the war by the new evil Chancellor. Since then, Miss Lax has changed her image to play a successful woman. Not only is he backing on TV, facing off against the speaker; Moreover, he played with his own Arsenal and recruited a large number of talents from ZAFT to become his subordinates. After defeating the Speaker and entering the end, he entered ZAFT again in the name of being invited by the parliament, bowing before all eyes.

Kara, who is like a god on the battlefield, has retreated into the background, but her love for Racks remains the same. Compared with Aslant, Kara is more comfortable. I wonder if the Gun dam SEED does appear in the evil third film, will their children appear.

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