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The rebellious Lulusius:He who knows anger knows sorrow

The taste of this piece is really important. The basic premise is that the first episode was a pretty good guess, DN+ robots (I haven’t seen any of the Gun dam episodes, so I won’t comment), but I still enjoyed watching the first season. If the ultimate target of the night God Moon is the cult leader, Lu Xiyu gives people the feeling of a very helpless but had to kill the Shure. Compared to DN’s pure intellectual punishment game, the interpersonal relationship in this film is quite complex.

Plot more stereotypical, psychological contest is far less than DH, robot war scene although not seen high, but the visual sense is very general, itself on the machine is not interested, so those machine models cannot remember, is to feel Zhu Queue a machine seconds to kill a piece of pretty ridiculous, play red police a Soviet air defense gun, I 10 flying soldiers fight life also finally can leave two. Suzuki that machine is so awesome, others also play a fart ah, and another 100 will be his second. This is a bit of nonsense.

Compared with that imitation, the character bond is the most beautiful part, the primary and secondary division is also quite clear. Abandoned by the family, protecting the sister, killing the father, killing the brother, the land fell… Even one of these is enough to make a new one. Characters are also many, but Lu Xiyu personal light is too dazzling, according to other women have become harem, men have become right.

There is not much to say about Lu Xiyu. In fact, the main purpose of writing this comment is to spray Zhu Que. I really can’t bear him, since chasing animation has never been so hate a virtual character, every set he appeared to see a bitch, hate people gnash their teeth. This seems to me to be a silly, naive, pig-eater thing. In order to Japan is not round JIAN, kill his father, was a strong JIAN and satisfied, more than TM noble a child ah! What nationality or origin or country is shit to him, treated as inferior citizens and cannon fodder and content to put on his innocent eyes and answer firmly: YES,MY LORD! You just want to go up there with your mouth full. Gouging slept on brush and tasted gall while he was still playing dirty behind his back. We bowed down to our master and let him die at once without even bringing back a word. We called him absolute obedience as a soldier, but the Bretons almost didn’t regard him as a human being. Then the innocent princess appears, Birdmen have a chance to rise to the top, and his political ambition to kill his father is revived. To put it in a vulgar metaphor, the idea is to tell the master that he is an obedient dog, although he is always abused, but dare not bite the master, with his innocent eyes to influence the master, in the future when walking the dog leash, autonomous. Damn it, obedience to virtue, nonviolence; were you a thunder tiger or Gandhi in your last life? I saw some Suzuki’s fans convince us to understand the theory of big countries and small countries. Yes, there were many traitors in the past, but there were also those who obeyed on the surface and did something behind the scenes. It is the first time to see such a supreme master as Suzuki, who agrees with all kinds of enslavement practices of the suzerainty more than the people of the Suzerainty. The massacre in the first episode, even if he didn’t do it, doesn’t tell me he didn’t do it, because I think he’s still up for it, serving the Empire.

Lu Xiyu let him go N times, said strategic considerations, in fact, not reluctant to lay hands on him. She used GEASS to keep her alive when she was about to be held by her as cannon fodder. Her final reward is to say you wish you never existed. Feelings on the significance of his existence, without him, the good silly good naive maybe also obediently in front of their own vase, not out so early to hang up. He is nothing but lucky. Without the white machine provided by the tech department and no discrimination against him, he would be an army waster, useless. If he had not met the innocent princess, he would have been on the battlefield with a good machine. What does he have but a hypocritical fantasy and memories of killing his father? He is much more pathetic than Lu Xiyu; at least have a distressed sister and unrequited classmate, of course, and later C Queen and Hu alien.

So when Office died his future and spiritual support completely collapsed, Yak was completely desperate, and everything that was not violent and not murderous turned into smoke, just like he had never let go. I laughed when he grabbed the machine and gave his Lord an eye, how pure he was a virgin who rushed to the crown and became a beautiful woman in anger. Lulu was trapped in the campus window after the calculation of the Yak immediately urine, eyes immediately returned to innocent natural dull. I want to smack him. Every time I see him move out of the appearance of the goddess of justice, I feel funny, think you are a police prince in a white tin, just on behalf of the moon to destroy others.

Thanks to Birdman’s excellent performance, my feelings for the other rape corner base corner all disappeared; the only sense of existence is the ugly glasses lily girl. But it’s almost invisible compared to the birds.

My dear Sakurai ah, how can you match such a horn ah, the world famous ah. Plus recently in pursuit of another today began to do the devil, the Shibuya favorable character is also extreme. I love and hate adults intertwined, let me what to do.

I wanted to watch two full seasons, but I can’t help it. I hope the second part will make the bird’s humanity normal for me. The main thing is not to make Lu so difficult to live. Feel like Zhu Queue rotten female most, CP Zhu Queue is still very good, but the character of this man play (a bit of military theme, heroine mostly vase) based film, country, friendship all abandoned, it is difficult to let a person endure Zhu Queue’s behavior.

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