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Something to be celebrated:He who upholdeth the great will prevail

It was intended to be a transitional game to be played during downtime, but it turned out to be the first game to open and the last game to close every day. After struggling for several days, it was finally released in a sad mood. In terms of overall quality, it is a rare masterpiece. And as one of the three gods of LEAF, naturally also worthy of the name.Throughout the game, it is hard to connect with the ‘masterpiece’ that we imagine or touch. There is no complex interface, no stunning 3D effect, and no beautiful scene layout. Even so, it’s not hard to see how much effort the production team has put into making a galgame. And we can from the CG, the dialogue, the scenes, to feel her real, and those touching the heart of the warmth.

In terms of story, the story that the hymns tell in their ethereal world becomes more and more compelling as the player gets deeper into the game. As big a story as anything galgame has ever written, with enough pathos to hold up the script, enough joy to make everyone laugh, and enough ending to make everyone hang on for a long time. In the slowly unfolding story, the protagonist Huck Oro behind the mask of the truth will be revealed.

Shakespeare once said: tragedy is the destruction of good things for others to see. The story comes to an end in a story that, though sad, is more of a laugh. A peaceful world never lasts forever, and I often think that every good day of the game will continue, but the truth is that someone has to leave. Three nights later, when I heard Cellule singing ‘SADAME-‘ at the beginning and end of the game, I couldn’t stop myself. While a ` keep Bai -a song remind of, more long wet eyes. When the memory dries, there are still those unforgettable once, shining with dew in the unknown sky. And now when I think of it, the second time to play the song, once the grief, has faded away, only a short and long feeling of loss, still in the heart.

I’ve always felt that an empty story is more sentimental.

Because play the game, crazy on the Internet to find information about the world view story, the next day to buy animation disc to see (of course, feel animation quality is much worse -), as if it was yesterday. Not a long game, but brought me a lot of moving.

In addition to having a great story, the legendary combat system is also impressive. In addition to the standard difficulty levels, there are 1, 2, 3, and a hidden difficulty level of 4 and 5. Ordinary players in order to enjoy the story as long as choose the standard difficulty on the line, can be said to be no difficulty, basically can easily enjoy the pleasure of SM computer. On the other hand, the average player can’t get enough of Difficulty 1, especially in the first half, and it’s sad if some of the levels aren’t clever. And the difficulty of abnormal 3 to above is not human level. Fortunately, the legend lost is can replay, but not just this, replay before the loss of a game of experience and upgrade is retained, that is to say you can play the same level countless times, lose countless times, (when training), but the result is for record on a dishonorable pen (record losing times), but in order to clear, face aside bar…

The operation is basically similar to the game of Battleship, except that the individual feels the magic is rather weak (can’t move after casting spells). Another feature of the game is the combo system, that is, seize the first attack appeared after the white circle to shrink to the point of the moment to click the mouse to complete the combo, even after the full and character effects, the power is very huge. About the combo or very good grasp, along the feel to the line

The match points after each battle are also activities that need to be thought about. Personal advice is to follow the character attributes, depending on which one needs to add more points. The main thing is to choose your own matching characters… Carbora, Fujian, etc. are strong characters.

Of course, my favorite character is Carla. She has a perfect body and she loves her royal sister. H scene is also very sultry… As the highest level of the team also has a full attack of outrageous attack power. It is the invincible character that must be used in every game. The more the role becomes scarier in the later stage, the character that gives the BOSS the final blow is the one. And cute attributes full of animal ears, if not for the female number one, sister Carbora would have been a star ah…

The PSP version comes a few years after the PC version, and in addition to the new item system, there is also a new story. Personal Japanese and Chinese each pass, because basically transplant, so already very skilled. But it was still very emotional when I saw the ending.

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