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Detective Conan: The Requiem of Detectives:A crisis in the playground

I was talking to an old friend recently, and he said, “I’m still watching Conan.”I smiled wryly: I don’t anymore, but there’s always a reason to check out the annual theatrical version, especially since this year marks its 10th anniversary.So, I look at this Movie10. Major BBS, the film’s comments are also overwhelming. Some say yes, some say lazy, some find fault, some kuso… All in all, we are not surprised, we are not shocked, but we cannot say that we are absolutely disappointed.

Back when I started watching Conan, I was in middle school.

When I first saw the theatrical version, one of my high school classmates, who played well at that time, recommended that she liked the first one (there were three at that time) best because of its romance.

So, I went to see, skyscraper, Magician, Target 14. I just don’t like the first one. The reasoning part is too weak.

After the two, the magician is a reasoning and magic and dream of a good combination of a work, so far, is still 10 works of a very outstanding; Target 14 is the only pure detective drama among the 10 works. From the point of view of a detective, the reasoning is very wonderful. So far, it is still my favorite in the 10 works.

In the last few movies, it’s a mixed bag.

The assassin in the pupil, the weak reasoning, the most “romantic” fountain scene I ever used in a novel I wrote N years ago, so much so that I read a very Orz…

“To the Kingdom of Heaven,” which I loved, the reasoning ms is brilliant, but it’s really weak, especially the evidence at the end is really weak, except that the killer is stupid. But the whole story is good, and Ai’s play is good — I think that’s when I started to like Ai.

Baker Street, the setting is brilliant! Unfortunately, such far-fetched reasoning is really unsatisfactory. The story itself is very good, should be set second only to the magician.

Cross, I just like stories, and the reasoning is far-fetched. But its set in Kyoto and it’s beautiful and it’s moving. Unfortunately, from here on, Ping’s performance is surprising, almost like a follower… The author is too partial.

The worst one came when Conan flew a plane in the name of KID. My comment on Silvering is: after watching this one, I have become a type who can accept any plot.

But the horizontal line reignites the climax again, the reasoning, the story is good. Especially the last to a Maori small gore play, let a person feel surprised at the same time, also feel reasonable.

As for this one, it can only be said that there is no merit. At its best, it has made appearances of almost all the important characters, including the two previous detectives, though without making a sound. But the lack of a new mother and father – this is probably how cannot arrange the reason.

But this kind of commemorative nature is very strong film, no doubt people feel a lot of delay, a lot of plots, characters are not necessary to appear, more people just like fools there.

But maybe it’s because of the commemorative nature that we can’t ask for too much.

After watching the film, some people said that there are some big jumps, or bugs, or not clear places and so on. Here are a few that come to mind. Let’s hear them.

First, there’s the KID masquerading as a white horse.

It is very poor, today in a BBS found that there are still people not sure that the white horse is the KID pretending to be, this comparison Orz… But some people say it’s not clear.

I think, the film actually made it clear, this clear not only through the relatively far-fetched “stained with paint watch” to illustrate.

The watch was proof, but I actually knew that White Horse was a KID all along. The reason is simple, the client in the introduction of the mission said: two people died (actually did not die); 1 person is a dragon; there’s another one going on. In other words, there is only one detective besides Maori and Conan.

So if Hattori is one of them, then the white horse must be fake there is no need for a real white horse to be involved in this. In other words, this person can only be the KID.

Another problem is that the white horse said that “his significant other is in paradise”, but later the whole film collectively ignored the existence of this person. If Xiao LAN et al are in danger, and then this is also dangerous – even if the recognition does not exist. But if you believe that White Horse is also a commissioned detective, it is impossible to ignore this man. In other words, having ignored the man, the White Horse was certainly not the commissioned detective… Far-fetched logic… Orz…

Second is the frame.

This is a problem I think, a big Bug.

You first look at the frame hanging method, and most of our family hanging method, is relatively easy to move the kind.

Secondly, look at the cleanliness of the frames, which are very new. 10 years old photos are so new, which means they’re constantly wiped.

In other words, the “proof” of the mark on the wall is actually pretty far-fetched. Although the Angle of sunlight does make a difference, it’s definitely not something the naked eye can tell.

Besides, what makes the client think they can find out about the real third president through this club? There are too many coincidences.

And then Conan finally became a computer engineer…

It is more practical to find a computer expert to operate.

The film almost seems to portray Conan as an all-rounder, flying planes and ships, playing football and computer – completely ignoring the existence of those who have only scratched the surface of learning computer for years.

Decipher… Something that deep… It’s ridiculous to ask Conan to do it.

Conan himself is unreasonable, why should he believe that he can succeed? Don’t you make fun of people’s names? Nothing big or small…

Finally, some incongruity:

1, the flat time has become a decoration.

2, the whole film once again shaped the image of the invincible detective KID – it is what all know earlier than anyone.

3, the last time to shout “Kudos” on the car. Is it really okay? Xiao LAN is here.Or

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