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Detective Conan: Countdown to Heaven:The pinnacle of a theatrical version that will never return

No matter how many more Conan theatrical versions there are, there will never be a masterpiece that tops the M5 in my heart. Because I have to admit, the love for this, really because of my favorite little sorrowSad sauce ah…In fact, grow up to think back, as a straight male author of the male play in the female characters is more “tragic”. Girlfriends, admirers, and secret admirers of male characters… They exist like appendages, even if there are many high-quality suitors waiting for them, even if the male Angle is dull, stubborn, and does not understand the amorous feelings… Also have to keep, even, “love you in the heart but cannot say.”

I caught a glimpse of Conan’s latest episode a few days ago, but a comment in the comments section about Mauling’s bad new haircut magically caused a bunch of blue fans to lash out at Haigahara. What “which idiot is Shouting what Key Ai demolition official match, good shameless”; what “new orchid king way, supporting powder doesn’t look for trouble”… Over the years, Conan fans have changed from generation to generation, but there are still many female fans of each generation who believe that the supporting actress Ai Hahira occupies a great light! As a staunch mourner, I just wanted to laugh it off.

When Aoyama, a straight old man, first brought Ai Hakuwara, a little hybrid loli, to us, she was actually an unpleasant presence. Little girl with a face full of fart,Wise and learned, but proud and indifferent. What’s more “outrageous” is that her object of pride is Conan! Oh, Conan, our hero! As an uninvited guest so naturally into the world of the male God and the source of the male God’s disaster, my God, such a cold beauty is not cute, huh!

And in fact, no matter how much popularity Hachure has later, it still does not change the original intention of the Castle Peak did not intend to build her into a beloved protagonist.

The name of Gray is taken from the female detective, her IQ is high enough to match Kudos, Hamid and others, in many times with the children in distress action, can be independent of Conan under the condition of dealing with danger and crime. The girl comes with a secret, and she always carries the clues of the Organization in Black — which is probably why Aoyama created this mysterious character in the first place. As for the love of a new work cane her, with extraordinary charm of receiving a large number of fans, even in many areas than “officer” margin calls much more of the support in this matter, may also let orchid の “father” castle peak just change joy and sorrow. So we can see that in the past 20 years, Aoyama himself repeatedly stressed that Maori Orchid this kind of girl is his ideal type, every time to create a “Key Ai” small fire and then to the “new orchid Wang Dao” to correct the public. Even in the TV version of the direct arrangement of a plot to inferiority, sad tone by the gray original people’s mouth positioning “Xiao LAN is like a popular dolphin, and gray Yuan is a shark escaped from the dark and cold sea bottom”. See, whose guy gets the most love?

When it comes to the theatrical version, the situation is different again, whether in the early stage, Aoyama himself will participate in the creation of a few high-quality pieces, or in the later stage, gradually relinquish the power of a lot of finished products. Almost without exception, the feelings for Conan in the theatrical version have been diluted. The M5, on the other hand, is the most generous the theatrical version has ever done to Greyplains. In order to catch the eye, the opening scene of the secret of the Grey Plains has the audience holding their breath. It instantly takes everyone out of the pink bubble of the single arrowhead Koi, who frequently appears in the comic and theater versions, and throws them back into the main story. It has to be said that Uncle Aoyama, a rather unromantic straight man who has spent most of his time creating teenage romances, is shrewd enough to hit the nail on the head. You seem to realize that little Ai this very three-dimensional character heart, in addition to the male master with bitter love but also full of too much deep feeling. No one knows what kind of life this girl, who lost her parents and only sister at an early age, was kept as hostages to each other in a dark organization to frantically study science and study dark technology for 18 years.

The beloved “angel” Orchid grows up with her “unreliable” parents separated for many years for a seemingly irrational reason. At first glance, she also looks like the child of a single-parent family, but the obvious affection between her parents and the warmth from family and relatives are nothing less, which is far beyond the reach of the Milano sisters (Hahira’s original surname). Therefore, in most of the early period, the character of Hachure always reveals sadness and even negativity. This indifferent little girl who seems to care nothing always worries and fights bravely at the first moment when the children of the detective team may be in danger. The little girl who says she is just an evil traitor from the dark organization always chooses to go alone to protect others from being involved in the first time she realizes the organization’s claws are coming. She was ready to sacrifice herself at any time. From her in order to help the children as soon as possible from the cold cool sister switch into cute weak loli that moment, this shocked Kudos extraordinary acting is destined to she will never have the opportunity to become the male master favorite bright angel. But this was the moment we fell in love with this girl’s cuteness, as well as her secrecy and complexity.

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