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Detective Conan: Tang Hong’s Love Song:Delicate, soft and burning Japanese love songs

M21 and Japanese extreme delicacy But the second half of M21’s Love Song of Tang Hong significantly improves the overall quality, and can even be said to be relatively good among recent theatrical versions. Cherry blossom and red leaf, the two plants with the most traditional and flavor of Japan, the Crossroads of the Maze about cherry blossom, and the Love Song of Tang Hong about red leaf, both focused on Hattori Heidi and Yuan Yama and Ha, can be said to be sister chapters ~

Japan really does a good job in cultural export. M21 chooses the delicate and elegant Japanese card game “Wake” as its theme. Wake “One for a hundred people” are all extremely subtle and delicate Wake love poems, with the unique sensitivity and metaphor of Japanese people. Although the subject matter of this traditional culture will inevitably have some cultural obscure, not as smooth as a completely cool film, but in its loyal expression to the tradition, it is really very attractive.

It’s M21’s cultural themes and love-focused focus that give it a subtly un-Conan feel (at least soft warmth that’s rarely seen since Crossroads of the Labyrinth). In addition to the inevitable murder and detection, it is obvious that it is trying to restrain the intelligence and tension inherent in Conan animation for a long time. The whole story is full of “” extenuating” “– extenuating hidden love, extenuating cover up and cover up, even the real culprit behind the scenes is out of affection for his wife and protection for the organization. Less of a fucking reasons, more of a human touch.

Pure love, pure love, we can be together for another 20 years.

M21 took a very fine line of love, the whole Conan in the core of the three pairs — Kudos Shinichi X Maori LAN, Hattori Haji X Yuan Yama and ye, Kuaidoo black feather X Nakamori Akko, all are to take the kind of childhood love/love each other/killed not to express the pure love line, M21 suddenly hair Kudos, Hattori two pairs of sugar, is also very satisfied.

He leaves are not rational because of the provocation of a rival, because the author of a love poem with the word “flat” and joy, because “hidden in the heart, spring breeze, my love can be expected, the crowd asks” to say things in the heart and blushed; The service will be honest and upright, and will still desperately protect Heyse in the moment of life and death. “If you let go of your hand, I will kill you”, which also makes the old aunt girl’s heart explode.

Moran would choose delicate love poems and song cards to send to Shinichi Kudos, who was far away in front of her — “Meet in a secret path, hard to distinguish lover, moon hidden in the clouds” (every time I saw the guy, he disappeared quickly, but I have a lot of things to say to him); The new will send back another love poem “Turbulent Rock broken” (although I may have to leave the people I cherish, but we will meet one day). True “girls’ feelings are always poems” ah.

Trance between feeling to see the Chinese traditional love poem to poem, there is a back and forth, do not puncture, cannot tell, but it is a long time the heart has a connection. Dark adolescent feelings, bright metaphorical secret love, sweet young and love, a turnip a pit, sweet to a mouthful of old blood spit out, I really can see you love for another 20 years!

Some of the things you don’t want to say.

Mr. Bottle said, Conan created a new type of action drama – skateboarding, “Love Song of Tang Hong” is no exception, is really dare to draw ah… Newton was used to sitting on the board of a coffin and rubbing sunflower seeds to watch Conan skateboard and Hessian ride a motorcycle.

Then again, Conan’s style has really gone wild… What’s more, it is criticized that after 20+ years, it is still a mystery about the reason for killing, the reasoning process, the details of detection and the motive of confession (M21 is actually much better, at least the human interest and reason can make sense, and it has been satisfied). In addition, all crimes with some intelligence today know not to embellish the statement and not to give details that should not be known, yet Conan is still using the convict to “tell details that should not be known” for 20 years. In addition, when Hattori was a child, he won a competition with a girl, and the girl cried. When he comforted her, he said, “Don’t cry, I will marry you next time” (although the egg was explained white at last), which really shocked me… And this operation Can you push the emotional line like this?? The girl is all over the place?

In a word

The Love Song of Tang Hong is not a particularly good work, but it is one of Conan’s best works in recent years. Conan is a typical “starved camel is bigger than the horse”, every year to tease, or to see every year. It’s satisfying to present a delicate, soft and burning Japanese love song with people we’ve known for 20 years.

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