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Violet Eternal Garden:Flowers never die, intentions never pass, love never dies, and violets never die

This post, written before the episode 5 update, is just a personal and immature opinion. See Jing ANI for many years, Jing ANI still have some feelings. I always think that Krooni is best at, one is emotional performance, the first episode of Koi gives me a very good impression, all the way down is Krooni’s emotional rendering, especially the confession of Shaozuo at the end, I think this is Kyoto’s own rhythm, is his best. But from the second episode to now the fourth, the viewing is far less than expected. In fact, the plot is plain without conflict, does not equal to bad plot, Jing Zip problem feeling is the result of Kyoto years of accumulation, and is deep-rooted.

The first is excessive emotional performance, or excessive expression of emotion. Jing Zip plot dull, but the mood is much more abundant. You can feel the deliberate expression of emotion in it all the time. For example, in the second episode, Violet touched the typewriter for the first time. She gave many close-ups to the supporting characters, and bgm was also very quick, as if to tell the audience that this is a bad thing, but the result was just a sentence of “lighter”. Typing a little noisy for these often write dolls why so repellent and repulsive? The plot is also not explained, which can easily confuse the audience. Or take the post-rain conversation between Violet and Elektra at the end of Episode 2.

Obviously, the conversation in the rain, the end of the conversation when the sky clears, denotes the development of the relationship between two people. However, the whole dialogue is just to tell each other, there is no deeper communication and expression, deliberately to arrange a rain clear, a bit of a storm in a teacup. Until the fourth episode, there are still a lot of this kind of overreacting emotion, such as stunned expression, flashing tears eyes, are commonly used in Kyoto emotional performance methods, but it is difficult to resonate, the root cause is too full of emotions, and the plain plot does not match.

The second is that the story drags on. Episode 3 Violet writes a letter to the brother of her friend at the puppet school. The teacher mentioned before that a good doll should extract the true thoughts of others from their hearts, which is exactly the dilemma of the heroine at that time. So to the tying for red hair Jib friends to her brother letter, should also undertake the above, write Jib friends cannot express the true feelings. But Jib friends to the heroine of the story of the family, the end said “in fact, as long as he is alive, I am very happy” such a sentence. Her last letter read, “I’m glad you survived.” This almost identical sentence pattern gives me more of a feeling that the heroine is retelling, rather than the whole animation has been emphasizing, expressing others’ true emotions. Behind the Jib friend to the teacher read the letter she wrote, the teacher immediately admitted that she graduated. Seems too deliberate, plot design sense is too heavy. Like in episode 4, she wrote Alice a letter apologizing. Got into trouble at a birthday party, wanted to write a letter, and specifically, to my parents, to my neighbors, to my childhood sweetheart. But at the end of the letter, only the parents saw the reflection of the letter, and the neighbors and childhood friends had no further words. I should at least give you a shot. And the childhood sweetheart obviously gave a lot of ink, seems to be a very important person, actually just a passer-by with a name, people cannot understand.

It may be that I have too high expectations of Jing Zip, leading to excessive demand for the quality of the works. But since the picture has been so exquisite, I hope the work can also be more elaborate in the plot and performance. Excellent works are the result of high completion of theme, picture, plot and ideas. Only when these things are available, can the excellent works be highlighted. A little short board will be very discouraged

In general, Koi does not rank high in Kyoto adaptations, especially when compared with Suzumiya, Tsuyoshi, and Bingo adaptations. Pave fraud or, fans tout worth mentioning, no solid quality is meaningless.

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