Hot blood fighting movie

Cut off red pupil:As long as there is darkness, evil breeds

This is an unusual way to make anime!This is the cartoon you will never guess the plot!This is the protagonist of the side of the companions all destroyed anime!This is the best anime of the year!You think the man is slag rice? Wrong!Do you think this is a story about a dials attack? No!Do you think everyone can be resurrected in the end? No!The final outcome tells you that there is no male protagonist, the entire protagonists just red pupil. You know, the heroine who you think is in soy sauce and doesn’t exist.

Just started to see the big miss is very good, and then suddenly the painting style changed, slag rice companion was killed by her, slag rice killed her, see the first set I think this animation should not be simple, sure enough to see the back of the companion a dead heart is really pulling pain.

When Sly got bit by the dog I said how that is possible!

When the elder brother died, I said it could have been saved!

When Chime is being cut off and beheaded, I have to send blades!

And you think that’s it!! No, it’s not over!

Rib won but died, Ma won tried to death must protect his teammates to leave the sacrifice, and then we should have spent in the sad, not out of the sad time, this time the residue of rice died!! Yeah, the guy we always thought was going to explode, the guy we always thought was going to explode, he’s dead!! He never made a single counterattack, and he was dead when he had achieved something.

(Animation group, can we talk about life, this blade is not enough to send)

See here you worry, no!! More interminable, finally the queen was red pupil injury, the queen said slag rice is too weak to die, the queen holding slag rice body broken together, the queen said if you have been in my side!Why at that moment inexplicable good love queen, know that her three views are not clean, but there are a lot of things even she cannot understand. Then elder sister belly was opened several holes, elder sister died in the alley no one knows, finally red pupil a person walked away, and then the end of the scatter flowers!

This is the story of the whole anime, I also drunk after watching.

First of all, there is absolutely no second season of this animation or the animation team why so rushed, the plot to the back one by one, for the dead and dead. Anime is not popular in Japan, so the rest of the story is original, at this time in the manga Ma Yin, MI, Wayans, the queen did not die.

We can’t say who is really bad and who is really good, everyone just for their own word of justice to fight. Good and evil have a way of getting what they deserve.

Ma Yin died in the arms of slag rice, slag rice died in the arms of red eyes, the queen holding the body of slag rice died, there is more tangled animation.

In the end, the death of the companions brought everyone a happy life; perhaps they should feel very happy in heaven.

It’s kind of nice to think that Sammy and Marin go to a place where there’s Sly and there’s Chee-mei and there’s gay friends and there’s Queen and Wayans.

Instead, red pupil, no sister, no friends, no teammates, with their own covered with torture, do not know when to stop, I think she will never be happy.

See the end since the release, if a person to bear the pain I would rather be the end is not as good as all out.

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