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Hidden king:When you die, someone will cry for their is the greatest misfortune

By the end, I told my friend that I, too, felt tricked.Why, he asked, or did I get played “too”?I said, because like Kotaro, the wind demon, he was looking forward to the beginning, but it ended. The difference is that he wants to see how much influence this legendary “Senlac Vane” has, while I am looking forward to a happy ending, hoping to save the night wind, hoping to relieve Honey, hoping to revive the thunder light — it seems that I am an insider while the wind demon is outside.

Don’t want him to die don’t want him to die, he can’t die. Thinking like this, I watched the night wind being consumed little by little, his despair that existed for the sake of disappearing, his contradictions, and his bewilderment. Although the forbidden skills he had practiced had made his body grow up, he was just a child, perhaps just as old as Rending, so he became paranoid and desperate in the face of pain.

For Ran Qing, I always have a feeling that I can’t say clearly. He is very good to the night wind, but because it is similar to his own, isn’t it? “Because you’re the other me,” for him or for me Even in Rending’s mind, the night wind does not exist as “night wind”, but as “Rending” — another “Rending” hidden by him. Isn’t it unfair for the night wind and for the night wind that has been unable to find his sense of existence? Fortunately, the wind can’t read the mind at night; otherwise there is no way to last so long.

Fortunately, in that situation, it was precisely on that snowy night that the two lonely and desperate people warmed to each other. After meeting more desperate people, Rending felt his own existence. He said that we are all real, really exist… For Rending, he just changed from nothing else to nothing but the night wind. Although the night wind came slowly, it actually grew up. Perhaps it is the cold and cold for a long time to make him more sensitive to the warmth around, although resistant. He said, “Do not be gentle with me, for I have no reward. “So what the night wind needs is a word that says, you deserve this tenderness, it’s for you, it’s for you, and it’s for you.

What’s the difference between disappearing and dying? Stubborn requirements disappear, night wind with what kind of mood?

The child never felt that he was being treated unfairly, that he was being used. He does not feel that his pain is caused by others, so he has no hatred for his parents who abandoned him, for the grey wolves who took advantage of him, and for the whole world. On the contrary, he only has guilt for the root cause of his pain. He feels guilty that he came into this world and caused trouble to others, and thinks that he is a person who should not exist. Guilty of being meaningless and living in this world… So disappearing, he thought, was the only thing that would stop him from suffering, because even if he died, he would not be able to remove the “trouble” he had “caused,” and his pain would continue accordingly.

There’s no “I” in the dictionary.

At the end, Rending said to Xiao Fang, “You always care about what others think. What do you think?” What does the night wind want? Night wind things are decided by the night wind, so as to return everyone’s heart to you (or everyone’s tenderness).

Perhaps the night wind has been looking forward to these words; perhaps this is also what Ran Qing said to herself.

“Can I decide for myself?”

Xiao Fang grew up, he chose to keep his original self, and even chose to be grateful for the painful past. When Ran Qing grew up, he finally understood what he wanted and what he wanted. He chose to seal up that incomparable power forever.

The result was unexpected because, in the end, the Rending did not address the so-called king, and the Vientiane that caused huge whirlpools in both the hidden world and the outer world seemed to have no real use from the beginning to the end.

It seems that everything has returned to the original feeling, around the circle and back ah! Think of it this way.

But after so many things in the middle, it may be the best outcome to return to the beginning. If in order to start the night wind, then how to end Human beings should not have powers beyond themselves, just like the night God moon in the Death Note, even if the initial desire is good, things will inevitably turn out to be difficult to control. So no choice is the best choice.

Nothing needs to change, because this is a coming-of-age story, that’s all…

So when the night wind grows up and you feel the warm night wind, you are happy when you leave…

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