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One Punch Superman:I’m a hero of interest

“I really don’t have a clue how to describe the power of a teacher.”Although the pit time is not long, and the small partners around him cannot help but to call him a teacher. Because teachers teach us too much that we can’t learn in the society. Do a proud not impetuous do not lose oneself of the protagonist, far more difficult than to do a disease of two hot-blooded young. This seemingly simple “hit strange upgrade” animation, but people can’t stop. In fact, every one of us is just like Janos, who initially pursues a simple strong. At the beginning, we are simply attracted by the strong teacher, but as the story progresses, we are brought into the pit by Saitama teacher’s personality charm and various miraculous stories. Nothing seems to happen, but the story is so compelling that it is a perfect illustration of what Japanese hot-blooded hero comics are.

The character of Saitama teacher looks mediocre, but she is really rich.

He is a hero and a human being.

He is new and a teacher.

A teacher is not a traditional hero.

He wasn’t born with divine powers, he wasn’t an alien, he wasn’t a failed experiment, he didn’t have his parents killed, he didn’t have enemies, and he didn’t even have the legend of his disciple Janos.

Three years ago, when he failed a job interview, his sense of justice made him save a selfish teenager who was everywhere, and he started to become a hero.

Saitama teacher in order to save the buttock chin juvenile are almost beaten disabled, and the juvenile said… “My football”

— Even if you become bald, you should keep exercising. That’s the only way to get stronger.”

He has no ambition.

And go crazy for the sale at the mall.

It doesn’t look distinctive, but it has a touching personality.

He doesn’t really want to be a teacher, but he always casually says a few words of truth, so that the student Janos, a “demon cyborg” turned “loyal dog” with a high level of cold, willing to wait for him to come home every day (Ishikawa himself said at the screening).

Although he usually looks like this (commonly known as Grandpa Maruko when he was young, he spilled ink and changed it with a modification solution).

But he can be serious sometimes.

Teachers are like all of us, scrambling for change when shopping.

Would lie around watching TV instead of doing anything

Will be concerned about social events

You get angry because you can’t fight mosquitoes.

The teacher is more talented than anyone but harder than anyone.

100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 squats, 10km run a day.

Apparently it’s just a regular muscle workout, and it turns into a knockout punch.

— “When people gain great power, do they lose anything important?”

Finally, the “Evolution House” that thought it was an old enemy appeared unexpectedly destroyed all at once and made the boss straighten out. (End of the third sentence)

In the face of heavy reward just don’t want to work when the bad guy, the teacher is just a face calm education people to be a good person.

As a teacher of ordinary people, also want to have a fan ah!

But because I want to be a hero too much, I will say such words, and I will defend other heroes.

< Picture 1>

What teachers need is not applause or status, but recognition.

So the hero’s enemy is not eccentric or social indifference.

— “Transcendence is the true strength of man.”

The world a teacher lives in is a crazy world at the end of the day. Due to the over reproduction of human beings, the destruction of the environment, the unbalanced economic development, the large gap between the rich and the poor and the development of science and technology and other conventional reasons, all kinds of strange people appear, all kinds of strange people bring different levels of disaster.

But it’s not cruel. What’s cruel is that there are levels of heroes. So this is a world where heroes are also professionalized.

Want to be a hero, to first go to the hero association landing called professional hero, landing after the test, the test is finished, and then according to the physical and intelligent test results of the hero rating. Well, it’s a hierarchy that exists everywhere in society today.

The hero system seems to protect the existence of the general public, but in the final analysis, it is just a means for the first class to manipulate the second class to control the third class.

So even when the professional hero, still have trouble.

As the teacher of C-level hero introduction, he was immediately faced with the dilemma of not catching the bad guy, not doing the task and being eliminated from the competition again. He also had to endure the jealousy and framing of other heroes (in the sixth sentence of TV, he was slandered by two C-level scum and smashed the screen).

Such a system teacher also feel very helpless, hero veteran also know this is a pit, but do not want to do anything. (TV Line 7, S Level 3)

However, the teacher did not give up and kept his original intention of “being a hero through interest” and gained new gay friends — undocumented knights with the same ideals. (TV nine words, Nakamura Yuichi total cannot escape the bald series 1)

They all understand that, on their own, society will not change. However, in order to one more person can come out together to change society, said they will continue.

“If the heroes run away, who will fight?”

So it’s not science fiction, it’s not a curiosity; it’s a hot-blooded hero story.

An atypical hero story, a modern hero story.

Because The Times need heroes, so heroes come back.

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