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Noyoshinami:It doesn’t matter if you are alone, go and find your own unique

If it was just the name, I probably wouldn’t even see the work… At least I don’t know what the name means at first glance…I strolled in because it looked like it was at the top of the new list at Station B and I’ve been chasing it ever since. So the danger of not watching the new series is that you might accidentally miss a masterpiece.Whether Wild Yoshio God is a god, it is still impossible to decide, after all, the plot is just the beginning, but it is comparable to the blind CV lineup of “Tales of the Headless Horseman” and the golden sign of the Bone Club, the quality must be guaranteed, not to mention the Tamiya Kanab Nain (← at the beginning is to see the Tamiya Nain I will say…

Tamiya was transformed into a teenager who claimed to be a god (was it really a teenager…). , the ideal is to have their own shrine to accept ten thousand people worship, and have a cloud of beauty artifact, although the reality is to live alone in the streets all day long in a variety of normal people will not pay attention to the place scribble suspicious small ads, as long as a phone call on call, From cutting demons to fixing toilets to finding kittens, it’s a must-have helper for home travel, and it’s only five dollars! Five dollars!

Even so, the wandering god named Night Dou still lived in poverty and business depression, even the only artifact resigned after only three months, on the grounds that “I can’t accept it physically!” Night fights you in the end how annoying ah… But can also understand mouth and poison, character and poor, handsome but three seconds the best image spokesperson, a pair of idle when not aspirant (imagination does not count!) Who would believe that a guy wandering around in a sweatshirt like that is a god? If the cops could see him, they’d be taking him to tea for handling the city…

Of course, we all know that as the protagonist of the night fight cannot really just a waste, there must be a “serious up into another look” and “deep black history” this type of attribute exists, and with the development of the plot we have seen the former (although handsome not three seconds…) As well as the tip of the iceberg of the latter, the night Outhit hidden in the surface of the slick real thoughts have also been glimpsed.

I don’t know how many years have passed and he has a thorough understanding of human nature. He seems indifferent, precisely because he knows it. At that moment, he looks down on the human beings from the perspective of the gods, either indifferent or help them. Night fight for what he thinks is good or good, always hold the greatest tolerance, even until the snow sound stabbed to endanger life, he is desperately patient; When it comes to the things he hates, such as the behavior that despises life, he will ruthlessly discard the words, “Let those who want to die.” In the heart of the night, there is a clear line that is his behavior criterion, no matter how serious on the surface; his heart is always like a mirror.

Although the dark history of his “killing artifact” has not yet been seen, there are still a lot of places worth exploring what kind of inner world this unusual god has.

As the heroine of the day and the most unfortunate thing is to meet the history of the most unreliable god night fight, lost the peace of daily say, but also become a wired half demon (actually is wired!) I could hang my body on a fence and leave it in the middle of the street in front of someone’s shop. Has the opposite hobby and appearance, comparable to the nose of the hound can easily follow the flavor to find the trail of night fight, the main work is to urge the night fight to perform duties, be night fight rub eat rub drink, and help night fight move rescue, is relatively normal in the protagonist (where is wrong!) . She is full of love and nervous, but she is still more reliable than night fighting. Her personality is also frank and gentle, and even Au Jiao looks fresh and natural (what are these contradictory adjectives…). In short, I prefer the type, is a rare but not annoying heroine ~

Snow sound is wandering in the world of the dead spirit, because a “just because in the building group to see you at a glance” encounter by night duo income, only 14 years old lost his life from now on also forever in the age of 14. In the second year of the age of snow sound appearance is completely an awkward rebellious rich in the two colors of the lack of discipline bear children, relative to the cartoon, animation description of this aspect is also appropriate to leave hands. In spite of this, I don’t hate snow sound at all, may be because the night bucket at that time shed tears, or snow sound sitting in front of the shoe cabinet crying, or wake up after crying out the sentence “sorry”, I can’t tell. In fact, snow sound is just a yearning for the true warmth, yearning for love of the child. And all the two bear children just hate their own encounter unfair, hate only their own lost important things, with such a distorted mood, of course, cannot see the beauty of the world. Bewitched by evil thoughts, he could not understand the meaning of day and kindness, nor could he understand the care of night fight for him. Like all children in Middle School, Due Yin needs not only care but also discipline. Night fight plan is the next dose of fierce medicine, although almost play off the loss of their own life; finally is the cliff to stop the horse successfully. From now on the night Dou of the snow sound finally changed back to a little angel, and successfully in the OAD work in the pain of the night duo reported the revenge of being kicked before (string of sound superior stalk = =)……

Speaking of the best meme, there are countless such memes, such as “Cat teacher, you bite Xia Mu!” “, or “Celtic you come to find small static what to do”, and “six flowers and Yong Tai like to meet”…… It was a real buzz.

Also lively are the various deities or artifacts that make up the story, such as the gods who actually have artifacts such as flower harem. The occasional Mater seems to expose the old pervert; Named Ibis is actually poor God of small blessing hurt others jump off a building for half a set not to say, entrusted amount is enough to let the general bankruptcy of astronomical figures, carry out the truth of “pink cut is black”, that turn suddenly become deep voice line is really fascinating to tremble ~ and small blessing cohabiting day has been like husband and wife of the big black face disgusting good, A cute old man who loves children enough to be described as a pedophile or a pervert; As the strongest martial god Kun Samna day is the night fight enemy, debut riding gold lion, holding whip, full of equipment, a full momentum of the queen style, almost the night fight to kill to the extremis, but after just team up to play little strange, nothing to take a bath to show the figure, laissez faire night fight commandeer its general to take bear children (mistake); However, as the chief artifact of Unshaken, Zhao Ma has an inexplicable relationship with her bitter rival. She gives advice to the Japanese, and every word is concerned about the night fight, and even risks her life to help them take in the bear children (enough!). …

Now the plot is getting better, there are new suspicious characters in the OP, may bring the next wave of climax, and so far buried a variety of puzzles are waiting to be solved, only to see how the wandering gods play the world. Of course, the quickest way is to read comics, and then go to the author to urge the manuscript

However, there is a word I really want to say: “Night fighting Lord! I’ll give you incense money! Come to me quickly! Even just counting sheep is good!

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