Hot blood fighting movie

Full time hunter:Anticipate all the cruel possibilities you can, because the reality is always too forewarning and too stingy to give mercy.

The whole film is naturally dripping and very pleasant. But a moment’s reflection reveals that this strange and magnificent hunter world is not as bright as it appears, but a cruel and sinister one. If the world were not so dangerous, how could the profession of hunter be one of the most respected? Or, such a world is a paradise for the strong and a hell for the weak.The same world, the protagonist is different; the appearance will be very different. The background tone of the narrative centered on Xiaojie and Quay is very different from the background tone of the narrative centered on Kulapika, which can be seen.

And the story seems so happy largely because the main characters are strong. And how does the weak appear? Either very brave B was immediately pia fly, or was extremely helpless killing. If these weak people are the center of the narrative, the world immediately becomes dark and hopeless.

You might say Leo is weak, too. In fact, overall not count, after all, no matter how lucky, the real weak are unable to pass the hunter exam. Even Leo, he is much better than the fake hunter who pretended to be B at the beginning, and can push through the door of Strange Tooth’s trial in a month of special training… He looks like an underdog, just because the others are so strong.

When we watch HXH, we start from the standpoint of a strong person, and we share this adventure with them, an adventure that only a few people in the world have the capital to experience and feel happy about.

Greed Island is like a miniature of this world. People are fighting for survival, so some people use all means, some people hurt and kill, some people form groups, most of which go against the original intention of the game. But only Jack and Strange tooth really enjoy the fun of the game, follow the rules. There’s a big underlying premise here, which is that they’re strong.

The story is unquestionably grim. The life of the weak among them is light as a feather. Although Jack seems to have a low opinion of murder, and would be outraged by the murder of innocent people, it is only a moral illusion. In fact, he didn’t really care. Jack is essentially the same kind of person as those who killed him. He also took pleasure in fighting.

Actually, I always thought Jack was scary. He was very similar to his father, Kim, and seemed so sentient and righteous, but it struck me as extremely cold. Who is the most wayward in the film? I think it’s Jack. It seems that people like Quay and Disso are more capricious, but on the contrary, they are very rational. The most stubborn is Xiaojie, he is unexpected and extremely stubborn, and this is capricious. You can’t negotiate with him: “Do you want A or do you want B?” He’ll say he wants both and keep talking until you say yes. And why is he cold? When his own pursuits and those of his companions come into conflict, he does not give up his pursuits for his companions, but insists on having both. Of course, the author let Xiaojie get what he wanted. If he couldn’t have both, what would he choose?

Like Kim, he attracted the affections of many people, but what he valued most was never them, but his own pursuit and dream.

Strange tooth is very lovely, I like the most, and the most distressed is him. His feelings for Jack are definitely deep enough. But Jack would risk his life for many people, even people he didn’t know, but fundamentally, he never risked his life for anyone else. Quay was attracted to Xiaojie, because Xiaohei’s unique sunshine and directness moved him, it is the most open and innocent invitation in the world, only this kind of invitation can let Quay down his guard. And this kind of heart opening, will be accompanied by lifelong moving, so that strange teeth into a complete self. To Jack, strange tooth is special. It doesn’t mean that. Xiao Jibe was already a complete self before he met Quay; the meaning of Quay is a confidant. An equally gifted child, a wonderful companion,The weight of the two is not the same.

Although not many people like Xiaojie, I do not like him, but must admit he is a truly extraordinary person, legendary character, worthy of the protagonist of such an existence. It seemed terrible to speak of his coldness, but all around him was light. And the story unfolds in the same energetic way. In any case, for those who are attracted to Jack, meeting him is a good thing.

Watching HXH is happy. All the characters, of course, refer to the strong, are living very smart, watching their smart, we are happy. In addition to amazing creativity, there is also amazing wisdom everywhere in this work. Who can create so many unique and charming characters (Silo, Cuomo, etc.)? Who can so accurately depict the happiness of the strong? Who can make the characters live happily in such a hostile world? The author himself is certainly a genius, but also a strong man in life. Fujian Bo is very smart, very calm, not strong, cannot do this. Although he gives moral care to the weak in his works, he doesn’t care about the lives of all sentient beings, because he belongs to the same kind of people as those who do what they want.

But he had feelings. I think he’s a change-maker, deceitful, disruptive and moody. But at the same time very rational, very sober. He has feelings. His feelings were the most direct, the clearest, the most sincere, unprejudiced and faithful to his own heart, like those of a newborn baby. Otherwise his most concise description of friendship, affection and love in so many works would not be so moving.

That was his temperament, the hunter’s temperament: mischievous, cheerful, real. A child plays in a world full of evil and good, sees everything clearly, and enjoys life with ease.

I like it very much.

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