Hot blood fighting movie

Psychic king:Sooner or later, people will die one day, but because life is limited, can be happy and sad.

I returned to the world of leaves this summer after seven years of watching all kinds of anime almost without a break. Like a traveler wandering in this world for a long time, suddenly one day began to miss the original arrived here, so look back. Suddenly, as if I met something I had been looking for a long time.Junior high school second grade, home just bought a computer soon, do not know what to do with the computer, is with a “try it” heart, point opened it. Laugh, shock, moved, sad, there are many other feelings, what kind of world is opened? The wind of leaves is light and the clouds are light, Anna’s strong and serious, Dragon’s dream and passion, Amitabamu’s loyalty, good persistence and strength… Everything is too like, in addition to love do not know what kind of language to use to express. Now I should have enough capital to scold the childishness of that time, but I don’t want to do so.

This summer’s aftertaste, mainly manga, TV version of the review to about half, the back is not finished. This is very like, very precious, but time has diluted the appearance of the memory, clearly back to their hands. Very steadfast and kind As if standing in front of them, ye may also say to me: You, long time no see.

What moved me so at the beginning, I can’t say clearly. Now, it seems to understand more. Is it their growth? Or are you old?

Ye are one of the favorite characters.

He said: We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

He said: People who see spirits are not bad people.

He said: Amitabh is a friend.

He said: The power, it’s very sad.

He is like the wind, the clouds, and the water, to be firm in his gentleness. Ye can leisurely don’t care, but also care about everyone’s heart. His clouds are light and the wind is light, which is what I yearn for till now. But it seems hard to do. But I’m going to keep trying.

Anna is such a strong and brave woman. There’s also weakness, so she’s really touchable. For me, no matter how many representatives and models of queerness there are up to now, it is impossible to shake her place in my heart. Has been a strong complaint read, TV no fear of mountain article regret? After that past event, I sincerely feel that Anna and Ye so match, their bond, is gentle and deep.

Ye Wang have always been a person who makes my heart ache. When ye said, “That kind of power, very sad,” the sight of him flying through the air alone in battle brought tears to my eyes. In an instant, his insolence, his ruthlessness, his ambition, seemed understandable and forgivable. And his sheer power, his swagger, his constant refrain of “too small,” all became childish weapons to protect him. The gentle king of Ye, who had saved the cat and given it his magic power, only added to his sorrow through the endless cycle and battles. Even if he achieves his ambition of creating a world of only psychics, he is predictably hopelessly lonely. It’s not him who’s wrong. It’s the heart. Wrong is not the heart, but the world should be so. The so-called price of the strong The great people we look up to or mourn now, the heroes, like the king of Leaves, are, after all, just ordinary people.

And many, many people, many, many things. The simplicity of Fast, the vast fields of hero Hero’s bees, what the lotus bears and seeks.

About friendship, about dreams, about strength, about fate, about the heart

Often asked by elders: animation can give you what?

What do you give me? I really don’t know where to start. This is something I love, a treasure for me. As with all the feelings and emotions in the world, connected people smile at each other, different people word poor also fruitless.

In fact, the attachment to this animation, perhaps also from a state of mind All like, persistent, just because the initial appearance is too beautiful, the initial want to understand the heart is too pure. It like, how many people are wishing that life is just like the first time. Because of my love for it, I began to move forward in the world of animation. For me, who had little contact with anime before, it changed my life too much. This journey is not over yet. I hope I can use the power of beauty I have seen here to hold on to the rainy days that are beyond my life.

Ah, I don’t seem to be writing a movie review at all. But there you go.

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