Exorcist boy:The reason why people suffer is to pursue the wrong things.

The setting of D.Ray -Man, which begins at the beginning of Genesis,The mysterious figure known as the Count of the Millennium had already wanted to replace the human world with demonic machinery, but the ancestors of the humans at that time overcame him with a divine crystallization called “holy”. But this is not the end, just the beginning. After the flood, Holiness was divided into 109 pieces and scattered around the world. They choose the right person, the exorcist in the story. These exorcists possess the powers of holiness and exist to once again defeat the Millennium Count’s plot to destroy the world. But they are not immortal. As with all the usual stories about saving the world, sacrifice and redemption remain the same for thousands of years.

So what beliefs do the exorcists, the protagonists of this story, cling to when they die? Even the holy fit is often vulnerable to a powerful enemy. Before a second is still fighting with his partner, after a second has been in front of his eyes into flying smoke. An exorcist with the stubbornness of You Kanda might therefore be able to feigned indifference, telling a companion something like “If you are in danger, I will never save you” or “Give your name after you live for a month.” Yet in the hinterland they are equally sad, even more vulnerable than others. Because there is no way to calmly bear the torture of life and death, so pretend to be strong;

Because the heart is too soft, it should be wrapped in a steel shell. His heart must have been gray, tender and compassionate, but scarred by too much experience, when he told Allen, coldly and coldly, “There is salvation in sacrifice, and we are not deliverers, but destroyers.” Do not want to indulge their emotions to show sadness and joy, but persistently pull out the six magic pointing to the endless darkness. He clearly knew that gambling his life would not change anything, so he did not hesitate to fight with his life, day by day in the face of death to learn to suppress the expression of his true feelings, until one day these become his way of life. Because he is so awkward a person, but people who know him, will understand his kind and gentle. To destroy the devil is to redeem the original pure soul. This is his mercy, even if it is to live it.

Although I still don’t know exactly what Kanda was looking for, it’s clear that he lost something very important. Most of those who were able to enter the Black Order had lost something precious, so fighting became more natural and inevitable. The same goes for Aaron, who is rejected by his parents as a freak because his left hand is naturally parasitically holy. His adoptive father, who had been living with him for many years, died suddenly and was turned into a demon by the Millennium Count’s deception of “resurrecting relatives”. When the demon machine containing the spirit of his adoptive father was about to kill Allen, Allen was activated by the holy parasitic arm and destroyed the demon. His adoptive father left behind a curse that broke his left eye and a regretful “I love you” before his demons vanished. Because of this, his left eye could see the spirit of the devil; Because of this, he chose to become an exorcist and face his sin with redemption. That kind to even seen a lot of death and conspiracy still cannot convince their indifference of the young, often recall their own past, always so calm. But when he faces the wanderers in the forgotten city of God, Gull and Lela doll, listening to the ancient lullaby, but cannot help but want to protect them until the last moment. Young heart, still don’t care about the rules, only for the most real warmth moved. The man, who had saved him, never gave him a warm hug, but has been using the back to let him follow. But Aaron knew his love years later, and heard it so clearly in his soul. In Lela’s most touching lullaby, he heard undying love, and the whisper of the heart. Lela’s last “thank you” made him burst into tears, because he could not save such a beautiful soul. And Kanda, because of Aaron’s words “even so, I want to be a savior of the destroyer” moved, the long frozen relationship begins to warm up. The original as an exorcist of their own, also have a heart to warm, not only the mission to complete; it turned out that he had saved so many souls in his own destruction.

The latticed Windows of the church shone brightly on the exorcist in the darkness. They may live and fight in sorrow and loneliness until they die. But true love is not conditional, everyone can get for nothing. Give them the love of having someone to fight with, laugh with and, if you’re lucky, live with for a long time. Perhaps in the end, only a few people can continue to move forward, and stay in the past, are those who used to live, but gradually disappeared back of the life. The road to redemption is never without cost. But we come here, if we give up, will only let the lost become more meaningless. For all tomorrow, we are grateful, we continue.


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