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The Blade of the Ghost:Even if I die, I will slay the devil

It’s not so bad when you think about it. There were some good early episodes, but when it came to the fights, they were boring. What really made me unbearable was that when I was playing the ghost drum, the monologue of the abrupt and low level characters appeared in the sky, which directly made me doubt the level of the author. Behind are jumping to see, there is nothing special, column debut is also awkward concave set did not change, level is like this. Now Doosan Xian 8.5 jump, 9 points is common, but ghost 9.1 is still too high

1 star for making, 1 star for creating

Here’s what I said about the show:

Plot: Traditional routine, a lot of unreasonable if examined, for example, in the first episode I want to joke about the main character cut wood back to live in someone else’s house, don’t you want to communicate with the family? Then there is the ghost killing team selection, knowing that there are so powerful ghosts still let the new people in a chance way to participate in the selection, and continued for many years, really not raising ghosts? Blah, blah, blah, blah let’s just be a hot-blooded guy and not need that much logic.

In addition, most of the episodes are extremely slow paced and have very little information. Most of the time, they resemble a running book, which could have been shortened by at least a third of the length.

Characters: The design is not bad, although not as high as the exorcism, but also kind and lovely, in line with the background. The characterization is extremely unreal and the character labeling is severe: even if the other person is a ghost who has eaten hundreds of people, I still feel sorry for you, you must have something to pity –?? How does the protagonist know that the other side is not willing to become a ghost to eat people, the audience knows through the memory but you are not God’s perspective ah? Sister said no more, tool man, and the protagonist interaction is pitiful.

The three views of characters become unreasonable in the unreasonable plot, and the detailed study is full of loopholes, such as the ghost killing team, while saving people with death, while using this kind of death by chance selection method. I wonder if it’s a sign of the food cycle that some people blow up the whole show based on the character’s personality.

As for the delicate emotion and so on, the first 10 episodes did touch a lot of places, but in fact, the sensational technique is not clever, forget after the end, just show nb After all, there is basically no preparation, detailed description, plot conception and lines are not special, unlike cl and Sea Thief as long as the preparation, nor mojo’s line skills, can do so good.

The combat system is a mess, and you never know when a new skill will pop up that you haven’t heard of and don’t know what it will do. Most of the action is long and tedious, with monologues from the main character and villains going through the motions.

Production: Top-notch quality is undisputed, and the graphics are exquisite.

Conclusion: Let me really recognize the decline of Japanese hot-blooded youth comics, and the current audience’s hunger for a “watchable” hot-blooded youth comics, as well as the current mainstream audience’s low standards for the drama.

There is no doubt that the big traditional blood has ended or rotten tail, can now compete with the ghost out, only in the small hero in the criticism (the old sea thief), cannot help but miss ten years ago blood overflowing prosperity era – dead fire are in the climax, followed by the exorcism of the youth. Alternating between the old and the new, the old blood in the two young people have grown up, now the new generation of young people on the blood of the choice is very little, will choose to fill the old man less.

Again, the industry’s annual output of animation is rising year by year, but the number of good and 0 years almost even a downward trend (can go to bangumi, anymore, an and other scoring sites statistics, Doosan even if, the new addition is too high), direct feeling is the flood of bad production, different world dragon au day, sand sculpture fan occupy the mainstream, rice circle invasion, So now the requirements for the plot has been very low, theme and people set up to meet the mainstream + good production that can blow fire. The result is an awkward situation: unless the industry produces more good work, the audience’s standards will not rise. Audiences like dragon proud day sand eagle fan (such as Superman high school students, Pingzheng, Dong Nain, etc.), the industry will not go to produce good story…. (After all, it’s not as popular as those, and it sells even more, so why?)

In such an environment, it’s no surprise that Ghosted is an earnest, passionate teen storyteller who is now being touted by mainstream audiences, no matter how brilliant.

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