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Parasitic beast:You must cherish your natural enemies

Readers who love “Parasitic Beasts” always feel a sense of sadness when they see the end of Mickey’s dream to a new scene. Some sentimental readers even shed tears, including myself.Now, in my personal opinion, I’ll talk about why Mickey chose to sleep. We welcome you to exchange different views.It is analyzed from two perspectives. The first perspective is only from the cartoon story itself, and the second perspective is from the author’s intention.Let’s start with the first perspective, the comic book story itself:

After Mike parasitized Shin-chi’s right hand, they both affected each other, especially after Mike helped Shinichi repair his badly injured heart, which made the effect more pronounced as more of Mike’s cells were incorporated into the Shinichi body.

The influence of Mickey on Shinichi is reflected in that Shinichi’s physical abilities, such as strength, speed, vision and hearing, are greatly enhanced than those of ordinary people, and Shinichi’s spirit is also changed. Even though he is sad, he cannot shed tears (he is cured later because of the relationship with Tamura Reiko), and sometimes he unconsciously shows ruthlessly (for example, saying that the dead puppy is a “dog body”, Satomi also says that Shinichi’s eyes have no emotion at all).

The influence of the new pair of Mickey: Because Shinichi is a gentle and kind boy who respects his father and filial mother, Mickey, who has no feelings and only cares about his own safety, gradually becomes capable of considering and helping others (for example, Hideo Tajima and Matsudo (a big man who likes Kanai) fight with each other in school. Mickey feels the Shinichi, although it will not threaten his own safety and Shinichi’s safety. However, Mickey considers that if he does not inform the new one to stop, the new will be sad, so Mickey still “meddle once”, inform the new one; There is the final ending when Mickey woke up to save the beauty, in direct communication with Shinichi’s brain said, at first do not understand as a human Shinichi, see a dog dead will also be sad, later felt that human has a great advantage, is to help other people or creatures, sometimes even give up their own life).

But then again, influence is influence, and the nature of human nature does not change. Shinichi no matter how occasionally unconscious ruthlessly, but his heart is always a meek kind good boy; While Mickey will consider human feelings, but he will consider his own interests first parasites.

Mickey’s deep sleep can be seen from the above nature:

As for what Mickey is doing when he sleeps, it feels very abstract to experience from the comic story. In Mickey’s words, it is “very pleasant” and “in a different world from the real world.” I’m afraid every reader will have his own imagination of the world Mickey says he went to after he fell asleep. And my personal imagination is that it’s probably a better, more comfortable world for Mickey than the real world.

The first time Mickey felt the world after sleeping was when he entered Goo’s body. Before that, in the real world, even if there was no threat from other parasites, Mickey was still the right hand of the new one, not an independent subject. Maybe after Mickey entered Got and felt the new world, he compared the two worlds in his mind and felt that the world after he slept was happier and more comfortable than the real world.

One thing is certain, Mickey and the new goodbye, the new one is much more sad than Mickey, the new one is very reluctant to leave Mickey, and Mickey although the heart will have a little bit of the new one, but Mickey is always a parasitic beast, first consider their own interests, he felt the world after sleeping more attractive to him, this “attraction”, in Mickey’s heart, is greater than the new one

“Don’t give up”, so Mickey finally chose to sleep.

Another factor of Mickey’s choice to sleep is that most of the parasites have either been destroyed or have been converted to eat human food and integrated into human society, so that they will no longer pose a threat to Xenia’s life. However, Xinyi has always been able to protect his life under normal circumstances with stronger physical quality than ordinary people (of course, Mickey will wake up when Shinichi encounters a crisis he can’t solve), so Mickey can rest assured that he chooses to sleep.

The second Angle, from the author Iwai Toshihiro’s intention, why let Mickey sleep in the ending.

Personally, I think the author wants Xinyi to live a normal life. When the story happened, a new only 17 years old, at such a young age, to bear the pain of the mother was killed, the heart to hide so close to the human survival of the big secret, but there is no a family friends can tell, although can be parasitic in the chin Yutan keep tell, but Yutan keep live in the field, not “around the family friends”. Let’s imagine, we usually hide the secret in the heart do not say how uncomfortable, not to say what a big secret, sometimes even a small secret, hold in the heart are particularly uncomfortable, can only find some usually do not contact with their own circle of friends from afar to talk to friends, not to mention the bitter new heart to hide so many secrets, their feelings inadvertently become indifferent to the parasitic animal influence, But was the most beloved girl misunderstood as “heartless”, “distrust”, this is the new one’s difficulties ah.

By the end of the story, although Shinichi is almost no longer threatened by other parasites, the author thinks that Shinichi has to bear so much pressure and burden at such a young age. The author feels a little guilty and wants to let Shinichi live a normal life in the future, so the author lets Mickey sleep.

Some people can’t help but ask: Mickey doesn’t sleep; Shinichi can’t live a normal life? Isn’t it hard for the new one to let Mickey sleep? Yeah, from my new self’s point of view, he’s too young to give up on this friendship with Mickey. But from the objective point of view, Xinyi will also go to college, find a job, get married, have children, if Mickey does not sleep, in addition to the four hours of sleep every day, are inseparable with Xinyi. Normal people need a little alone time, even if the relationship is good couple, occasionally need a little alone space, and in the story Shinichi also said that he and the beauty together, hope Mickey can sleep, although Mickey will not appear to disturb their two people’s world, but Shinichi will always be a little uncomfortable. And at the end, when Mickey says goodbye to the new one, isn’t it weird that people always talk into their right hand? Mickey wants Shin-chi to live a normal life. To sum up, that’s why the author let Mickey sleep in the ending and let Shinichi completely live a normal life, as a pity and compensation for Shinichi.

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