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Soul eater:A sound soul lives in a sound mind and a sound body.

If we have to choose the most popular animation among the many Japanese anime D versions of Watchmen in China in 2007-08, then I will not hesitate to support “Death Bleach” produced by Piggy Subtitle group to carry the flag of this king.Similarly, if you want to ask around 2008 what kind of people can become YouTube, Facebook, Taiyuan and other grassroots entertainment star free production platform of the Top Ten, I can only very reluctantly but helpless to say: “although the popular people, abnormal people and leading coquettes, but embarrassed God also.” This conviction is confirmed the second time I face the awkward, lively gaze of Uncle Josephine.

So, “Soul Eater” on the new Runlet home page, it means that it will “refresh in the yellow land.” Why? Because the men in this film are all Jong, no, the father and son who are not human death is Jong God. An animation integrating death and Jong God together, just like the Chinese folk independent development and production of Shanghai mobile phone, double card double, super capacity, think not to be popular.

There is a sentence on the portal Blog of Sister Furlong that moved me very much, “Furlong is full of flowers, and life is wonderful only when you have a dream!” Let’s ignore the first half sentence for a moment. Soul Eater tells the story of a group of young people with dreams who study together with their weapons (all humanoid weapons) in the “death Martial Arts” school run by God of Death in order to become an ace evil spirit hunter (in short, a figure similar to Hong Koi). At the same time, they kill monsters outside the school and practice. This leads to magnificent fight scenes and a wonderful life.

In the film, the most embarrassing is the son of Death. Although this child looks good, but unfortunately suffers from “symmetry obsession”, all the “asymmetric” things have a sense of despair, and immediately affect their own outlook on life, is definitely a competent god of embarrassment.

In terms of painting style, my personal feeling is better than “Death”, the design sense is full, “Death martial arts” school is even 3D modeling, character movements are quite light and coherent, fighting PK scenes have a sense of Pose. There are also more jokes than Death, mainly the expressions of the characters, except for a word “join”, it is difficult to describe.

Making “Shinigami” the protagonist of many anime is also a recent trend in anime development. Although the market share of pure and explosive laugh animation is relatively large, but the hot-blooded violence + funny animation still occupies the mainstream position in the world. By the harmony of Death Note is a special; based on the original logical reasoning process is fascinating, thus achieved success.

“One Piece”, “Naruto”, “Frog Captain” and other animation popularity is also seized the violence and the organic unity of this selling point, this is like you buy a video disc, you were ready to buy a comedy disc, the result is also a useless catch you a tickle, you cannot buy his account? It’s not like when you buy a DVD in China, you want to buy a historical war movie, and they give you a comedy, and then you get to the end and it’s only half.

I often see in various magazines, newspapers and TV that some producers say that the domestic animation industry is not good, complaining that the animation effect of the capital and technical talent is not in place, which is completely an excuse. “Crayon Xiaoping” is obviously not a technical stream, others after so many years is still red. The main thing is don’t take the audience for a fool and make a bad movie. To make the audience feel like they’re fooling the characters in the anime, instead of feeling fooled by the anime. In short, the audience is omnipotent, and they’re definitely smart.

Is it really so hard to make death the god of embarrassment at home?

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