Hot blood fighting movie

Wenham wild dog:Don’t pity yourself, if you pity yourself, life will only be an endless nightmare

Probably the first time, to an animation Ed touched so much. I have heard too many good op and Ed, those with excellent rhythm, lovely, sad and deep feeling. If they are touched, I have heard them; no matter they are neurotic minority style or popular divine songs. However, Ed by Minho Wild Dog was the first anime Ed that made me cries.First of all, the character of the literary wild dog is very pleasing to me, and the publicity poster before the animation was released makes me look forward to it.

After all, this kind of fantasy super power animation set by literary writers and their works looks very interesting. The most important thing is the painting style stick, the modern European background and clothes, long trench coat, braces, detective suit ~~ little gay style is excellent ~~ to be honest, The first episode was pretty uninspiring… Are still the typical pompous people set full of two elements of the Chinese style… But since I have seen animation for so many years, I am used to it. Although wearing the holster of Japanese literature, it is still a commercial secondary animation style. Not serious philosophical melancholy at all, but all kinds of two adorable.

But the quality of the fine painting style is also interesting, the music can be scored, the rhythm of the mirror, such a conscience of business looked at the addiction or can be.

The picture changes, the white hair lying on the floor in a shy side head, the camera jumps to a close up of the hand, the black half-finger glove moves, as if to touch the hand next to it, and finally comes to a weak stop. The picture switches to little white hair sitting on the side of a big floating window in a dark room, where the moon is bright and bright. Little White hair has his cheek on his right hand, and his thin shoulder is half bathed in the silver moonlight, and the other half is immersed in the deep darkness. After a few scenes, the scene is filled with pieces of paper. Then is too Zia to white hair touch the head to kill, white hair a face serene meets with closed eyes.

Tae-jade moves gently but looks serious in the distance. Suddenly, white hair fell into the water, breaking the boiling water surface of the white wave gradually passed away, white hair quietly slowly sinking, a dull face, looking at his face covered by the bandage hand, then closed his eyes to accept it, press the forehead of the moment, switch to black hair closed his eyes and fell into the water bottom, the corner of the eye oozing a drop of blood tears, floating on the surface, blooming into fireworks. In fact, the picture is the best end here, sad to the extreme, there are a few pictures I feel redundant will not say. With sad and affectionate songs to see such a sadomasochistic love triangle relationship, really feel that the information is massive, emotional surge depressed.

The black King was a tragedy. But the thin and pure little white fur looks really lovable ~ Too Zia has become a general attack, terrible.

Because I liked it, I never danced. I even watched it for several times and asked a classmate who can speak Japanese to teach me to read it sentence by sentence. However, I failed to learn it all because of my poor language ability. The one who sings faster in the middle can’t keep up… I will work hard to learn Japanese, one day to learn it! It’s still my wake-up call, and it didn’t ruin it

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