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Two diseases also want to fall in love:The evil eyes in your face are the pursuit of my life

It’s really rare to see such an animation. When you see and only see the first episode, you are reminded of all kinds of memories and emotions, and the last time you were infected was the “Human Loss” series of animations in the Aokinoshi Literature Library.If you think you used to be a variety of secondary, then congratulations, shamefully grown up, When you grow up, this is not going to happen to you: The various roles and data Settings that you have played in the past are found out from the dusty cardboard boxes, and then you sit on the floor of your home and giggle, feeling that you used to be innocent and cute, and at the same time have a kind of childish from the womb, just like a baby needs to cut its umbilical cord, you also need to put your childish from the womb completely behind you. At that time, you will not make the same kind of strange movement posture as Spy horse dance, in the street you will see a group of children there to imitate a variety of signature actions, and then be a kind of paint dyed black and white background, and those you are familiar with or not familiar with the classic image of high coincidence, and then pretend deep say: Siena? That’s the kind of guy……

For adults, this is definitely a special kind of pretense of deep speech, just like a child watching all kinds of boring meetings where adults say the right words, or the only difference is that adults themselves find it disgusting, but for one supreme reason: money, survival.

In the eyes of the children, this reason is quite vulgar, although they know that it is not their parents’ money, cannot be exchanged for a variety of picture books, CDS and cards, but they will not admit these, they have their own set of discourse system: for the dream and protection.

I can’t count the number of animated teenagers who dedicated their blood to this sentence. Don’t forget, though, that when you’re older, you’re not going to be digging around for those old childhood memories. There are still young people my age who say, “No, it’s not childhood, its life.” Life such words, of course, cannot be said freely, but once said, do you know how much responsibility you have to shoulder, this responsibility is not we imagined in the second time of the war scenes, magic machinery science fiction and other. We will never admit that strong repression can crush dreams, this is not only in anime, in real life, you face everything, if the frustration is more intense, and your instinctive resistance will be more intense. It’s like we don’t know that trivia is the best way to destroy our dreams.

When my mother was a teenager, she always dreamed of walking down the street in a white dress and strutting out in public with a small white lace umbrella. Now such thoughts did not enter her mind at all. What he was thinking about was what most parents across the country were thinking about: children’s education, children’s learning, children’s growing up, and what on earth to eat today. Even if you took a magnifying glass to look, you couldn’t find it, not even in my mother’s dreams.

Tomato is not fighting alone this time. Although only the first words of animation, has buried in the hearts of all animation generation fetters dug out again. This does not need a hot-blooded slogan and momentum, just need to quietly tell the story out of the original.

The quietest, the swiftest

In the eyes of adults, the quietest person must be a very thoughtful person, they can describe this person with a series of words, while telling their children to learn to stay away from such people, and children (perhaps some of them have been mixed in with adults) can express all meaning with one word: belly black. The second disease has created a language all his own within a strong system of quadratic met language, with different continents different ,factions and names that seem longer than a locomotive.

For Yutan, Secondary 2 seemed really, really far away, but it was really, really close, the change between the time line when junior high school graduated and the time line when high school started. In fact, for time, there is no such thing as a completely accurate time line. Every time I see the words “I will be what I am from one day”, “I will change myself and become a new version of myself”, there is a kind of secondary sense of sight.

Of course, this sense of sight, when we look up at the starry sky, Liu one second, Chen an, Zhao Hongs hen and Nan Huainan and other people’s features will smile at you in the dark night sky, that situation and you as a child to make what is different?

O Almighty God hidden in darkness, I am at your service, grant my wish. Yes, but there’s a price to pay. So, you took out tens of thousands of dollars to listen to the master’s course, feel as if they were suddenly hit chicken blood, small universe burning to the limit, you can play a beautiful air dunk, you can even summon the devil to save the world, we childhood middle two leave, and into the whirlpool of success learning, for adults, They really don’t have the right to say you committed form two.

I mean, you’re not going to open up all those perfect specs you wrote down in your textbook as a kid, sell your diary for a few bucks, get drunk on a beer, and then wander around like Keri ITO, trapped in a life of total decadence, hoping for your chance to get rich overnight, That chance is as small as when you slept in your bed as a child and the light shone on you, and you went from a loser to a savior. Or maybe you believe it’s your destiny to be the chosen kid and head off to a new adventure in the digital world. Of course, the real youth mentor Lou Songhai once said: Dreams that are not worth laughing at are not worth realizing.

This sentence has really become the best shield for many delusional people, especially when such people fall into the delusion of the land, and also deeply trapped Lou Songhai. We should always remember that Qi an entered Tsinghua University not because he got a zero score in mathematics, but because of his rich Chinese skills.

You grow up, “one day, I will wear a suit, wear a mask”, you have turned up your nose to the past, and perhaps you say: “I have seen this reality; I know not only integrity cannot be eaten, cute cannot be eaten.” Yung Tai’s shadow is long, everywhere you look.

However, your heart is not still living a sealed eye of the bird swim six flowers? Anyway, I don’t know, this kind of thing is not only in the second grade of middle school disappeared, it can exist in many forms, you watch the movie, you live in the circle, and the highest expression in real life, is cosplay.

For someone who’s been in the cosplay world before, the best I can do is say something like my mom about your coloring, where the costumes look better or I wish you knew how to do something artisanal, but every time I see someone complying a character with two dimensional characters, I go into cute mode. Take out their own camera for various degrees of shooting, just like the cat has been hungry for a long time to see the delicious fish, do you think this can be regarded as middle two?

Then I thought if these two-dimensional characters really lived around us, would we want to lead trivial lives? Later on, I didn’t think so. My mother torched all kinds of hand-made picture books and anime characters I had collected. She was like an evil banshee sleeping in the night. This is the most beautiful scene in my heart.

It would be even more beautiful if you included the scene from The Book of Savagery, when my mother spread her wings and flew to the moon.

And all this, because of the missing of my cards, I cannot even prove that I have been in the second, often asked about my mother, mother always Wang care about him. So I say, more often than not, it’s impossible to recall the days when you were a grade Two student, because the evidence is all gone.

Mrs. Yong, do you want to throw all your middle two evidence into the trash? Along with all the evidence of your past existence, you want to be trash? Well, I didn’t keep it because I thought it was for you, I just thought it was a hassle.

How not frank, how not refreshing, this is the youth of the remaining point of fire.

So this kind of thing, not you do not believe it does not exist, we do not want to admit that there is not only one thing, love is not the same? Isn’t that the future you believe in? One night, I sat next to Yuma Gong Yuanshou and asked her, how did you acquire the power of the Striges demon? She said, whether others admit it or not, even whether oneself admit it or not, to believe, as long as believe in existence, he will exist.

At that time, when I was an intern at that school, I played the last half of the last episode of Daikon 2 to those sophomores, and years later, leaning in my arms on campus, thinking about this, did you cry

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