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There was something wrong with my teenage love story:Gentle and right people are always difficult to survive, because the world is neither gentle nor right

“My youth love story really has a problem” and the general campus light novel, male master than enterprise valley eight flags around the lack of beauty, and show Yoshii like friends Toluca color plus, these are very cute very brilliant. But I think the most eye-catching is the story of the “problematic” love story between Kegujun and Xuenaijiang.The hero of this article is smarter and lonely than Hatchet Ketene. One of the reasons for his loneliness is that he can easily see some people, such as classmate Hayman’s frank and direct, or Sagami’s timidity and vanity; the second is his own distrust of relationships. Because he can see the source of friendship, he feels that any friendship is constrained by reality and eventually breaks down in harsher circumstances. The best friend is often the last one to stab you in the back, so he prefers not to start a friendship. Coupled with his belly black heart and poison tongue words, male master is synonymous with stealth halo.

This want to live so plain eight flags coincidence by the teacher forced to join the heroine of the ministry of service (everything house), here he met the iceberg heroine snow is and the charming female No. 2 knot clothes, began to formally start everything house volunteers. Events and requests follow, and with his collaboration with Snow, many small things are handled one idea at a time, one conversation at a time, until they face the big one: the Taken Festival. In the Taken festival of various problems under the test, two people’s life style and life road is constantly excavated, finally in the snow is the queen means and henchman’s poison tongue, Taken festival preparation was pulled on the right path.

According to the clues of the novel, the heroine Due HI Due Nay is not a person who likes loneliness in her heart, and her choice to be alone is largely hidden. And unlike the voice department or the actor department, her service department is not a friends-only club, but a typical extroverted club. On her own terms, her performance at the Taken Festival and her admiration for her sister’s flame-lit arena proved that she had the will and the ability to follow a queen’s path. But she met a man who was just as lonely as she was, but didn’t hate being lonely.

Male master Yakima more like a shoulder to shoulder alone life, he always tries to reduce the opportunity to contact with people, only to enjoy their own life, abdominal abuse small groups and youth behavior, until the encounter of the pseudo lonely true queen snow is adults. Since then, Bikeway Yahata began his journey against his will and find smoke journey, in the ministry of service of various events he with his excellent analysis and pointed to the dark side of the parties to solve a lot of problems, but also let him have been a lot of criticism and cold eyes. Even so, he was willing to be close and cooperative, otherwise he would not have been careful in asking her questions, would not have volunteered to collect information about chain mail (he lacked the connections and means to do so), and would not have taken the fall at the Taken meeting.

Back to the title, this is a problematic love story, true loneliness meets false loneliness, when the snarky man meets the queen, and the gears of fate begin to turn. As the two people go further and further on the road, all kinds of contradictions and reconciliation emerge at the historic moment, the relationship between the two people more than friends lover is not full will be in this roulette wheel constantly back and forth.

But better than Kaya Yakima’s luck is that, although his character is very eye, his means are not a few people understand, but snow is very believe and appreciate Yakima’s efforts. What more can a queen do? So Bike Lord ah, please continue to carry out their belly black poison tongue sinister evil eye behind the scenes consigliore and queen loyal dog road! Your goal to survive on soft food is beckoning to you!

The P.S. anime version of Yubihama and Tusk Toluca are so cute! Bike Lord dares to ask Allah Trash Lord to borrow a face to complete the strategy… But the animation is too busy.

P.S. If Bhontaro Seiki was originally gray, then Henchman Ketene was originally black, with a more negative attitude than Seiki, insight into the dark side of the human heart and a way of doing things like avoidance and self-sacrifice.

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