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Still, the world is beautiful:If fate wants to grab me by the throat, I will control the fate, anything, anyone, don’t want to play with me

To be fair, the animation is actually pretty good… The OP can’t be jumped, because it changes all the time. And the original painting is really a little bit difficult to say (so black original really good), after the animation of the female protagonist feeling particularly good, the structure is more accurate. The chest is also very strong (The style is very retro, feeling that there are few of this type in many Japanese comics now. It has become more extreme, more planar, and more symbolic. And the characters still give a sense of flesh and blood and emotion, though unreal. Plot no inexplicable neuropathy, male master although a little reminiscent of Lu Xiyu that long legs (but male master probably cannot be considered rich handsome ha ha) but the character is not too in the two disease, the most violation and feeling is just that obviously is the development of the second sex characteristics of the voice and completely no development of children’s body does not match… Think also seen a lot of girls with uncle should be extinct films how cannot accept a little brother-brother love force. Pat the face.

The character of the heroine is very good, I like it very much, as for the Virgin or not, I think it is impossible to say. There is no consistent anime heroine that kind of wild girl from the country on the road wild girl in the end there is no death behavior. The male owner has a slight tendency to bully the president, but can ignore, anyway, I don’t want to see the house, so there is no need for the male owner to show ready-made children. Oh, speaking of brother-sister love, it seems that there is a SKIP next door who is playing Jin Nan Jiang and X flying eagle. It seems that having a love affair with a 12-year-old boy is not so bad.

The arrangement of animation plot is not without defects, such as the use of the rain song is too high, and I think there are problems in the writing. The first thing that strikes me as surprising is the accompaniment of pop music. Since this rain song is said to be very old-fashioned, let’s go back to the end, and forget classical singing alone. Listen to it a few times and it’s gone. This kind of film needs to insert songs against the banner, like “Star driver/shining pioneer”, which insert songs are not easy to be bored, a big reason is that the songs inside are singing + accompaniment part, not easy to listen to tired.

Also, it’s got English in it — I hate Japanese songs that have English in them, and English doesn’t have grammar. If you don’t rhyme well, you have to change one of the sounds into an English word, and when you sing it, you can’t hear the English in it because of the accent. “YOU RAISE ME UP” is Japanese and English version of the interleaved song You Raise Me Up often appears in animations like Romeo and Juliet. It’s a good thing the Japanese version doesn’t have English. I can’t listen to it otherwise.

After teasing the music and the plot, it seems to be a common practice for animation adaptations to jump a lot of plot; I think some things in it are really a little water… For example, the last episode, feel the hero and heroine back to sunny can be ED, the result of the end also picked up a part of the two people cannot meet day and night, the front to listen to the mother-in-law singing the rain song to brush the shock feeling… It seems to be right out of the book, but I don’t think it right here. I’ve had a cursory look at the manga for the adaptation of the first episode, but I think it’s all right

So that’s the time relationship. I think this film is very good, in fact, often a lot of girls will easily emerge some pattern is more special style is not so commercial, not so extreme works. The country of the heroine is obviously based on Tibet, the palace is the Potable Palace, and the clothes are very similar. It is difficult for you to find some similarities with other ethnic costumes in China, but the weather is not like that (it doesn’t rain that much in Tibet, low air pressure is true). I feel that the author has a good understanding of China, and I once doubted the author’s political inclination when I read it. After all, Tibet is a sensitive place. But I heard that this work was accused of anti-Japan tendencies by the Japanese side… I just think I might be overthinking it. And one good thing about being a girl is that there are few female writers who like to comment on politics. To know that now the network is so developed, contact is too wide, it is inevitable that some bad things will be imperceptibly washed.

By the way, I think of Ono not by the United States, her sober in this respect is really admiring it.

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