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As if to tell you:Pure love campus

It seems that heavy taste of the rot for a long time began to gradually forget the original love of pure story department. Until this film brisk OP sounded, simple to similar to the despair teacher single line type of characters, let me gradually reminded of a long time ago. Maybe more than a decade ago, At that time, I was attracted by such a simple style of comics, into the world of animation.

Less than ten words out. This film, is completely more than ten years ago girl comics. Over the years, after the exercise of many heavy taste quirks such as rotten poison house evil, at the beginning to watch this film, I admit that there is an impulse to abandon the film.

The story is simple.

She in men’s encouragement to help know friends gradually out of the gloomy lonely life, to say similar themes, the boar did not know how much more classic than this. The background is simple. In the high school campus as the stage, there is a perfect people want to vomit sunshine hero, like the sun radiates unrealistic light. The characters are simple. Nothing more than the students who read together, no mysterious transfer students with split personalities hidden secret teachers, characters simple to unreadable? Only praise is the simple and pure beauty of the painting style.

Adak is a little bit of me.

This film reminds me of the blurred face of me before. Middle and high school 6 years, facial paralysis, gray, never smile, little, silent, low-key, come and go in a hurry. Like Adak, she’s a loner with few friends. The difference is, for everyone’s rumors and misunderstandings never ignore and never explain. At that time, I did not know the importance of communicating with others, nor did I know how to communicate with others. There were no sunny friends around me who encouraged me to integrate into the group and get out of the shadows, and there were no friends willing to communicate with me sincerely. At that time, I was proud to enjoy a person’s reading life; I still remember the sports class after the teacher announced free activities, looking at everyone in twos and threes about dispersed; only I stood in the middle of the huge playground, conspicuous but transparent. I hold back the tears, with already out of the exercise of no feeling heart, deceive oneself is not alone, and then slowly walk back to the classroom alone, do homework. I was the only one in the chaotic classroom.

Perhaps I am the only person who can appreciate Adak’s loneliness and the importance of friends. I really understand that loneliness can be used to, but if one day, someone is willing to reach out to you and smile at you, take you out of this world, one day, and suddenly disappear, and how difficult it is for you to return to the original loneliness. Because you don’t even remember who you used to be,

Simple campus life, twists and turns also have the misunderstanding of friends, the ambiguity of friendship and love, and the jealousy of women, friends trust and other episodes. However, when the voice of Ogden interprets a white, small, lonely but brave and kind character, even my heart, which is ruined by the evil of the world, can tremble slightly, and also remember that if, in those days, someone could say to me “Please don’t get used to a person”, my life would be so different.

This cartoon is very classic, is a good campus love animation, men and women’s character is particularly good, pleasing. There are many funny and humorous plots in the anime, which adds to the appeal of the anime.

Male master is a cheerful and lively character of the big boy, welcomed by the whole school students. On the contrary, she is unsociable and neglected, but she is a very lovely and kind person. The heroine is eager to get the attention of the students; he envies the male master’s lifestyle, eager to make friends with the classmates. And in this case, the male master is aware of the Japanese, and gradually close to she enlightens her, and she make friends. Slowly the two of them got to know each other… From this came the most beautiful and pure love between them.

I feel that the theme expressed by this animation is particularly beautiful, the plot is both funny and touching, is both a campus love and a healing department animation. The whole animation picture sense is very strong, the scene is particularly beautiful. The only fly in the ointment is that the action moves too slowly. The feelings between men and tying develop relatively slowly, for a long time cannot wait for men to tying…… But in general, this animation still has a great deal to watch, is a very good campus love animation.

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