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The story of me:In a word, a boy in a girl’s costume.

To be honest, I don’t think The Story of Me is really a “god story”. Other than the innovation of changing the appearance of the hero, it is really mediocre and even lacking in reality. The score of 9.9 is really exaggerated. It is estimated that those who like it like it very much, and those who don’t like it won’t even, look at it. Chonju, these love gods, can’t do 9.9.The beginning I was attracted to male master “novelty” level of appearance, in line with the soul of interesting ideas I finished watching this, then really disappointed, in addition to the male one for all to others, to the majestic heights of constancy in love, and no matter what, no brain’s image, “almost perfect” fairy assists gay friends, I really don’t see what other interesting plot, Everything seems to be a reenactment of another show, only the hero’s level of appearance has been dragged down. The author just wants to give us the visual impact, the visual sense of beauty and the beast, so as to highlight the purpose of love, which is really childish and has nothing to do with growing up. It’s like playing house when I was a child.

It is worth mentioning that manga Yamato and hunk broke up, the reason why hunk and Yamato compound proposal is all on the guidance of gay friends, to the university article Hunk or a lazy look, the heroine is still a silly white sweet image, you told me that this is the growth of two people? This kind of love on both sides is very naive really stand up to experience? It is the “fantasy” story of two childish children playing house and meeting noble people to be guided by fairies.

Of course, I won’t give this work one star to express my anger like those dumb black people. I give it four stars, for the simple reason that I admire the author for his courage to “demonize” the appearance of the male protagonists in love dramas and his spirit to fight against the “age of looking at faces”. I have to say that apart from his body and personality, from the perspective of his face, the hunk is indeed the ugliest one I have ever seen in love dramas in my life. None of them the painting style of the hero is completely different from that of other protagonists. Even the painting style of passers-by is more harmonious and normal than his. The proportion of his face is wrong, and his lips are thicker than his nose.

Of course, the “unconventional” image of the male protagonist is indeed a gimmick different from other love, I believe that the vast majority of people watching this work are attracted by the male protagonist’s appearance, is it fair to say that if the male protagonist changed a look, or the same plot you rated five-star people will be attracted to come in? Nothing more than the state of mind to seek novelty, you do not see the content of the cover you can see great love that you can God, the next Japan comic net’s highest evaluation should let you to score.

Many of the male protagonists in the love series are not good-looking so there is no female popularity, but there is no one to use the most exaggerated way to “ugly” the male protagonists image, the author to do so is just to do a gimmick, like the title party, the content may be acceptable but there is no good title how to attract you curious, like this series is also because of this, Used to see men and women to a beauty beast for a change of taste, not on a fresh, on such a state of mind. If you want to say that this love is pure, you need to see the innocence to see Meadow, Yan Ye Court, « My Story » is a fantasy, Meadow is the true portrayal, and if the love fan wants to reflect the astringent and pure love, the authenticity is very important, otherwise what is the difference with the funny fan, if I write Meadow male master as Superman, the omnipotent heaven, Meadow will have no way to see?

The visual impact was so devastating that I couldn’t sleep for several nights. It’s a lump of sugar for those who love it, but for us it’s worse than poison.

I admit I’m sour, I admit I look bad, but be fair, am this relationship real? Would any girl be so stupid as to see all of your strengths, even your weaknesses? Can you be as athletic and physical as the hunk? Is it possible for you to have such a celestial, near-perfect gay friend? Could you possibly have this kind of heroic encounter? Can this childish love experience the practice of reality? Is this society a “utopia”?

No, this is just an idealized “utopia”, the reality is not so beautiful, but it is our fantasy. Now the society or see the face of the society, or material society, can see the beauty of the soul of the girl is not necessarily good, good looking girls do not necessarily look at people’s hearts, good looking and considerate can also see the woman of people’s hearts, even if you think you will meet? People, or have to recognize the reality, even their own cheat that is really cruel people.

Finally, I don’t like this movie. The appearance of the beefcake always reminds me of a man, Takashi Acai with a high hand in a dunk. They are so similar to each other.

The reason why I don’t like the character of beefcake is not only because of the pompous style of painting, but when I see Beefcake, I think of the character of Tawakoni Acai. His body is not so “fantasy” as Beefcake, but he is the most hardworking, his personality is not worse than Beefcake, and he treats the former and later generations are very considerate of them and the innocent kindness of Beefcake silly is really a big contrast. The reality made Acai fail to realize his dream of winning the championship, but let the naive and naive hunk get the beauty. I really couldn’t understand it. I don’t believe in the existence of utopia, nor do I believe in such childish love as The Tale of Me, we can’t be as physical as hunk, nor can we meet such innocent, kind and beautiful girls as Yamato. However, I still decided that there is no pie in the sky, there is still a big prejudice in the world, we don’t get anything if we don’t work hard, struggle to have the future, daisy don’t work hard to do dream reverse attack? Isn’t it crazy?

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